The beauty of CoLaz

The Franchise Magazine looks at CoLaz's link to the Beaulaz training centre and why it is, and will remain, such an invaluable asset to this exciting beauty thearpy franchise.

When it comes to embarking on a new career path, there really is no substitute to being fully prepared. Admittedly, there are plenty of instances and examples one could point to where preparation can only extend to basic information, such as where are you working, who you are working with and what is your job description. There are, however, a number of industries where prior training exists, and where completing this training to the highest level will give you a head start when it comes to your new career.

One such industry is the beauty industry. Beauty therapy courses have long been offered at colleges, specialist schools and company premises, providing basic and intermediary levels of training and experience for those individuals looking to work in the sector. CoLaz franchisor, Surinder Ahitan, reveals such individuals, particularly those looking to become hands-on franchise owners, would be best served to call upon the services of the Beaulaz Beauty School and Laser Training Centre in Greater London and Birmingham, whose Chief Executive Officer is Manroop Ahitan, Surinder’s wife and owner of CoLaz Advanced Beauty Salons.

“The Beaulaz training centre provides the perfect starting point for those individuals who want to enjoy a long and successful career in the beauty industry. CoLaz offers a solution to earning Level 2, 3 and 4 NVQ beauty qualifications. Such qualifications can typically take between two and three years to obtain. At CoLaz we have the facilities and knowledge to put students through to this level within the space of two to three months.”

During their time at Beaulaz, students receive individual attention from skilled, experienced tutors. It is these tutors that guide them through all relevant areas of beauty therapy, including slimming treatments, skin care and, crucially, laser hair removal.

“In order to carry out laser hair removal, a beauty therapist must have a Level 4 qualification,” Surinder explains. “While virtually every training facility or school can provide students with Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications, the Beaulaz training centre is one of only a handful of places in the country that offers Level 4 qualifications. This makes the clinic an invaluable resource to CoLaz franchise owners as it gives them a place to send new employees to receive the necessary training and experience.”

This brings us back to CoLaz itself and its own plans for the coming months. Surinder and Manroop are particularly excited about the brand's potential to expand further across key regions of the country.

Surinder is also keen to promote the fact that CoLaz now possesses an improved business model, one that incorporates a three-tiered structure of ownership. “One of the more common points that prospective franchise owners raise when we speak to them is the cost involved. By introducing our Option 1 (starter), Option 2 (beauty) and Option 3 (advanced) packages, which will require an investment beginning at £20,000, £35,000 and £80,000 respectively, we are looking to provide each prospective owner with an entry point into the business that best suits them.

“Those coming in at Option 1 level ownership will be provided with the means to rent a single room in an established, well-visited location from which they can carry out laser hair removal treatments. Once established, and with leads coming in, said owner can then look forward to expanding their franchise accordingly.”

What becomes clear when speaking to Surinder is that, in becoming a CoLaz franchise owner, one will gain what is, in effect, a head start on the competition in the marketplace. That really is the beauty of CoLaz.