Why 2015 is set to be CoLaz's best year yet

The Franchise Magazine caught up with franchisor Surinder Ahitan as he reflected on a strong 2014 and exciting developments lined up for franchise owners this year

Looking back at 2014, franchisor of leading beauty therapy salon franchise CoLaz, Surinder Ahitan, considers it a job well done.

He explains: “We put new managers in two salons, in which we doubled the sales. We have also added new treatments and appointed two new franchise owners, whose salons are opening in March, in Harrow and Derby.”

The franchise opportunity has been bolstered by this internal promotion of two staff members, who will, in their new roles, manage the franchise, assisting with recruitment and training for new franchise owners and giving them more time to focus on their CoLaz salons.

CoLaz works hard to ensure franchise owners and their staff are able to operate at the highest level and get the most out of their new business, or a way into the industry, via its Beaulaz training centres, which allow students to gain formal beauty qualifications in just 16 weeks, as well as teaching them valuable business skills.

Surinder comments: “At Beaulaz we teach students how to get into the industry, what qualifications they need and how to set up their own business. They get NVQ levels 2, 3 and 4 and also special treatments such as skin tag and blemish removal.

“Franchise owners know they have great support and training centre behind the CoLaz franchise, should their staff need training and certificates, they will receive a 50 per cent discount.”

Plans for 2015

With a strong 2014 behind it, CoLaz is well placed to push on and make 2015 even better through expansion of its premises and introduction of new advanced treatments to complement an already comprehensive range.

Surinder says: “We’re looking to get more franchise owners. We already offer laser hair removal, but are now looking to get into hair loss treatments. We will trial that in one salon and roll it out to the others if it is successful. New franchise owners will be offered this but they have a lot of other treatments to learn first!”

Indeed, it is this wide range of advanced treatments and understanding of beauty clients’ needs that many believe gives CoLaz the edge over the competition, and it is the franchise owners who will benefit.

“We offer a lot of advanced treatments that other beauty salons do not: like skin tag removal, blemish removal, slimming treatments and soon the hair loss treatments as well.

These are treatments with high profit margins; and that’s what consumers want more these days, rather than traditional beauty therapies. Our profit margins are good: we are running on 92 per cent gross margins.”

With CoLaz targeting an additional three new franchise owners, (on top of the two already confirmed) this year, those looking to enter the industry have a great opportunity to do so with the backing of an established and respected name.

Surinder described an ideal CoLaz franchise owner as somebody who can manage staff, communicate effectively, and who has strong sales skills.

“The role is as manager of your own staff; it’s a management franchise as opposed to the franchise owner having to work in the business. Someone without experience in the beauty business can manage a CoLaz franchise, as the salon is all set up,” he concludes.