Daily Poppins: Capitalise on the Market Potential

With people in the UK growing increasingly 'cash-rich' and 'time-poor', Daily Poppins franchisees are building successful management businesses in a growing sector.

In a 'boom-time' for domestic cleaning, Daily Poppins is capitalising on the market potential by offering its tried and tested system to potential franchisees. Following a successful company-owned pilot operation, Daily Poppins has used its experience to develop the 'Daily Poppins Success Formula'.

Providing the key to effective staff management, the formula enables franchisees to build their business into a genuine management opportunity. With an effective team of employees, franchisees are able to offer their customers a quality service, which in turn provides excellent repeat business and considerable turnover.

With a focused marketing strategy and strong brand image, Daily Poppins gives its franchisee the key to success - Peter and Jill Akehurst of Peterborough have added over £50,000 of repeat clients since launching in July this year and have already started to add a second team of staff.

Also benefiting from the Daily Poppins formula, is Lucy Harber of Barnet & Enfield who has grown her business to an annualised turnover of £70,000 in just four months.

'Daily Poppins has a strong brand and this was a great appeal,' reveals Lucy. 'I know how important this can be to a business and knew it would help me on my way to success. The other thing that attracted me to Daily Poppins was the business model - it is straightforward yet very effective. I knew that I could have the franchise up and running in no time.'

As a regional manager at a telecommunications company, Lucy increasingly grew tired of the corporate environment. She had always wanted to run her own business but wanted to make the right decision as to how to achieve this.

Introduced to Daily Poppins through her sister, who is also a franchisee, Lucy was able to see the opportunity that was on offer. 'I wanted a business that I could turn in to a management opportunity and Daily Poppins is geared towards just this,' she says. 'I had a good understanding of the business and it really appealed.'

Having invested in the franchise, Lucy received everything that she would need to launch and develop her business. As part of the franchise package Lucy received a period of comprehensive training and full ongoing support.

'The training was very good,' she reflects. 'Because it let me spend time in the field, I felt it really prepared me for what was ahead - it gave me the confidence that you need to launch a business.'

As a domestic cleaning business, Daily Poppins is able to consider any home a potential customer. Provided with a bespoke computer system, franchisees can manage their finances at the click of a mouse and carefully monitor how their business is developing.

'I've discovered that finding new business is relatively easy - there's a good customer flow,' reveals Lucy. 'As the business has grown, I've been able to take on a couple of employees, which means I can generate even more business. I still do some of the hands-on work myself, which I enjoy, but at the end of the year my aim is to run the business as a full-time manager.

'I have a large territory so there really is lots of potential to develop a large and successful business. You need determination to build a business but with Daily Poppins, no previous sales experience is necessary. What is important however, is to be prepared to work hard and the results will follow. I am now working in a role that is more active, more flexible, has minimal administration and is genuinely enjoyable - and it's incredibly exciting to watch your own business grow.'

What Our Franchisees Say...

'I wanted a business in domestic cleaning that I could run from home so I could spend more time with my family and Daily Poppins has provided me with exactly that. My business has grown over the last two years to an annual turnover of almost £200,000. Through hard work and determination I have had a dramatic change in lifestyle with a new car and holidays abroad. I am so confident in Daily Poppins that I have recently invested in a second territory.'
Agnes Gasceka, Swindon & Newbury franchisee

'I was attracted to franchising by the idea of buying an existing business. Joining Daily Poppins is like joining a family. From my initial first contact I was speaking to the owner of the business Nigel Bearman rather than an appointee. The amount of support provided both inside and outside the business by Daily Poppins is phenomenal! I have had the advantage of learning the business 'from the horse's mouth', and everything is prepared to a very professional standard.'
Clemence Munadzo, Southampton franchisee

'I took on the Daily Poppins franchise on the recommendation of my sister, who runs the franchise in Newbury. The main attraction for me was that you don't have to work six or seven days a week, you can run the business from home and still have weekends. I launched the business in April this year and have had really good support from Daily Poppins. Nigel has been very helpful, I have already achieved £85,000 of business and am on course to hit my target of £100,000 in the first year.'
Lukasz Budzyn, Basingstoke

Reported by Adam Browning