Keeping it in the family

Daily Poppins provides freedom to its customers to spend their leisure time how they see fit, and also freedom to its franchise owners who enjoy the flexibility of being their own boss. Small wonder then that the joys of owning a franchise are being shared among family members.

After witnessing her cousin's success with a Daily Poppins franchise, Aleksandra Koziol decided to invest in one of her own in January and is now turning over £8,000 a month. "My cousin Agnes Gasecka, the owner of the Basingstoke territory, introduced me to the Daily Poppins concept," recalls Aleksandra. "Initially I worked as a cleaner in the business, and over time worked my way up to become a supervisor. I really enjoyed working with Agnes and I was impressed with her growing success.

"When I moved to Guildford I decided to seize the opportunity and start up my own Daily Poppins franchise. I knew the concept worked and liked the idea of being able to work for myself from home. Before the launch, I attended a comprehensive training course and since then have had ongoing support from the Managing Director of Daily Poppins Nigel Bearman.

"Business is going really well, I have two cars on the road and I am now in a position to invest in a third. As my own boss, I have more independence and love the fact that I can work flexible hours around my family. The Daily Poppins franchise is easy to run and can be grown at your own pace - I would definitely recommend it!"

With their monthly turnover doubled to £14,500, Daily Poppins franchise owners Jo Pope and her mother Anne Wharton have invested in a second territory and are working towards an annual turnover of £240,000.

"My mum and I decided to run a business together because we have different strengths that complement each other," explains Jo. "I was aware of the benefits of franchising through studying for my business degree and I thought it would be a great way for my mum and I to become our own bosses using a tried and tested formula.

"I needed a business, which I could run from home alongside looking after my two young children and management franchise Daily Poppins fitted my requirements. Daily Poppins has a strong brand image and an excellent support structure in place, which we felt would help us get off to a good start. To prepare us for the launch of our franchise, we attended a two-day intensive training course in Reading. This covered all aspects of the business such as the software package and staffing to the cleaning system used.

"We launched our Exeter-based franchise in July last year and now have four cars on the road, which service two territories: Exeter and Taunton. Our sustained growth and ability to expand into a second territory in July this year demonstrates the fact that Daily Poppins is a recession-proof concept.

Having your home professionally cleaned is not considered a luxury service anymore, if anything it is more of an essential service for dual-income families who want to be able to spend quality time together.

"Once we hit £240,000 we plan to get a fifth car on the road and will consider moving the business from my mum's house into a commercial office. Running your own business is very rewarding - I enjoy interacting with the customers, being able to provide a quality service and of course, the financial benefits!"