Working together in partnership

With the ever-increasing number of people considering a step into self-employment, the first question which arises in people’s minds is what business sector gives them the opportunity of significant potential growth and profitably

With more than 14 years of success behind the business, Daily Poppins has demonstrated that with a culture of total support has lead to developing and sustaining highly profitable franchise owners. Working in a sector which is estimated to be more than £3 billion per year in the UK, our existing franchise owner turnover has grown at an astonishing 22 per cent, per year throughout the ‘economic recession’ and expected to grow even more this financial year.

As a management franchise, Daily Poppins seeks high quality partners who, with the help of our head office support function, have the ability to build a business that rewards their efforts. Pardip Thandi, a graduate from Walsall, spotted the opportunity: “While working at the bank, I was restricted in what I could do and tied to the inflexibility of 9 to 5. As I enjoyed managing people, I looked at a range of businesses and saw the domestic cleaning market as one that would continue to expand. I wanted a business that was management-based and after around three month’s research, I contacted a number of cleaning companies. When speaking with Daily Poppins, I noted that they were one of the few companies that specifically answered all the questions they were asked and also backed up their answers with a support function which is second to none.”

It is this support and interaction with the franchise owner that underpins our success. Taking a collaborative, partnership approach differentiates Daily Poppins from many franchisor/franchise owner relationships.

Starting from the initial training in our dedicated training centre followed by field support, our franchise owners are given all the tools and business knowledge to create the foundations of their business. Working with the iPad provided and our bespoke software, together with a whole range of business tools, the franchise becomes an easy-to-run operation. More importantly, the on-going dialogue and support allows the franchise owner to grow with confidence, knowing help is always at hand. It is this partnership-based approach that cements the attributes of the franchise owner with the success of the Daily Poppins model.

Are you unemployed?

Our philosophy of partnership extends to individuals who are unemployed. Recognising there are a number of highly experienced and knowledgeable people who are out of work, Daily Poppins is approved to operate the new ‘Franchising Works’ programme, in which we assist aspirational entrepreneurs to receive full loan funding enabling them to start up a Daily Poppins franchise without the need for any capital input. While for some people starting their own business may be no more than a dream, with the introduction of the ‘Franchising Works’ programme Daily Poppins can now make this a reality.

Written by Trevor White