Build your own sustainable business

With land prices falling it is possibly the best time to build your own house. David Reid Homes franchisees are looking to capitalise upon this opportunity to develop their businesses in a niche sector of the property market

David Reid Homes has launched its proven franchise system and highly regarded brand name into the UK, offering a unique service in the market and an opportunity for motivated individuals to start their own long term business that can have a significant value in its own right.

Founded in New Zealand in 1993 and franchised since 2000, David Reid Homes expanded into Australia in 2004 and there are now over 60 owner-operated regional offices throughout Australasia where the company is firmly established as the most accredited home builder, winning literally hundreds of awards including a prestigious 2007 National Master Builders Award for our Queensland (Australia) show home.

David Reid Homes operates in the Self Build market and our proposition is simple, as Company Founder David Reid explains: 'Given the choice, most people don't want to live in a home that's the same as every other one in their neighbourhood. Our service offers discerning clients the opportunity to design and have built, to a very high standard, their own dream home - one that matches their individual lifestyle, aspirations and budget.

'We are not a developer. We use our award-winning designs for inspiration, but we build to a client's specification, not speculatively and never build exactly the same house twice. We are proud to say that if you live in a house built by us anywhere in the world, it will be unique to you!'

We believe that the change in market conditions will actually benefit our clients. The mortgage drought and rising cost of living are having a big impact on property prices, but the Self Build market is still robust. With mass market builders and developers being hit hard by the slowdown in house sales there is suddenly more land available for self builders and land prices have fallen - making it possibly the best time for many years to build your own home. With specialist Self Build finance of up to 95 per cent still available, we believe our UK franchisees will be well positioned to take advantage of the inevitable upturn.

Today, more than ever, energy efficient design is an important part of the David Reid Homes philosophy, as evidenced by winning a Future Proof Building Award in New Zealand in 2007 and again in 2008. This is reflected too in the new UK head office, sited on the award-winning development at Butterfield, near Luton. 'We are very excited to be part of such a development which through its design and energy-efficient features, such as solar-shading and a passive cooling and ventilation system, reflects the current demand for more sustainable buildings,' says UK'Master Franchisee Martin Pick. ' As a bespoke home-building company, we are committed to offering the latest energy efficient designs and technology to our clients and our new head office proudly demonstrates this. We have a number of exciting builds in the pipeline, all of which feature the latest 'green' technology, and we look forward to announcing these over the coming weeks.

'Franchisees are not expected to have building skills and come from all walks of life. We see our franchisees as partners. Training, bespoke IT systems and ongoing support are all provided. A typical franchisee will be an experienced business professional with sound commercial skills and will understand of the importance of customer relationship management. They will have a passion for property that enables them to sell the concept and the attention to detail required to consistently deliver our high standards of customer service.'

Report by David Marsden, UK'South Territory Director