A future you can build with solid foundations

With a proliferation of building and home renovation TV programmes fuelling the trend for individual self-builds, David Reid Homes has launched its franchise in the UK providing a unique design and build service

Aspirational TV programmes such as Grand Designs have opened people's minds to the numerous design possibilities that building or renovating a home presents. But presenters frequently highlight just how difficult and time consuming designing and building a house can be.

David Reid Homes is a design and build specialist with local people on the ground providing a complete project management service, but one where the client maintains control of the overall design and finish. With around 10 per cent of all new-builds in the UK being self-builds, David Reid Homes has identified a growth market for its 'design and build' service and is aiming to expand throughout the UK via regional franchisees.

With around 10 per cent of all new builds in the UK being self-builds, David Reid Homes has identified a growth market for its 'design and build' service.

The David Reid Homes proposition is simple. Using a gallery of over 150 original designs as inspiration and by utilising custom-built computer software, which includes fly through graphics, franchisees can design the perfect home for their client. They then specify the very best fixtures, fittings and build materials, before managing the entire build for a fixed cost. The company has developed a unique and fully comprehensive costing software programme that at the end of the design and specification process enables the franchisee to quote with accuracy and confidence a final cost for the project.

David Reid Homes guarantees that all its homes are built using quality workmanship. Franchisees are not required to do any building work themselves - this is contracted out and managed by their Project Manager and at the end of the contract the franchisee hands over the keys to the client's brand new, individually designed and built David Reid Homes property. 'But new homes is only one of the services franchisees can offer,' says Founder David Reid. 'Franchisees can offer their clients the same standard and quality for refurbishment projects, as is provided for new builds, which will prove particularly lucrative in the UK market.'

'The most important attributes we look for in our franchise partners are solid business experience...and serious desire to build a very substantial business.'

David Reid (Founder)

The franchise package is based on 15 years of market experience. Since its foundation in New Zealand in 1993 the company has established a network of 60 franchisees throughout New Zealand and Australia, has won more awards than any other home builder in New Zealand as well as a prestigious national award from Master Builders Australia in 2007.

David believes the franchise will appeal primarily to seasoned business professionals rather than qualified builders. He clarifies: 'The most important attributes we look for in our franchise partners are solid business experience, excellent understanding of the requirements of the client relationship, comprehensive knowledge of the sales and marketing process (industry experience is not required), and serious desire to build a very substantial business and enjoy the exceptional rewards of owning such a business.'

David Reid Homes is aimed at the premium end of the market such as businessmen, entrepreneurs and sportsmen, so franchisees must be comfortable dealing with these types of clients. Regional franchisee candidates will also need access to around £150,000, including working capital, to fund the franchise.

David adds: 'Our mission is to shake up the home building process in the UK and to create true excitement in the home design arena. To create fabulous, individual homes and not just build loads of houses. The proposition we are launching in both the UK and Europe is a truly unique and very special business opening for those individuals with vision.'


'I think this is an exciting time to launch my franchise, as it is such a new concept to the UK and no other building company offers this turnkey service. Although I would say I'm still in the process of launching my business I've had a lot of interest from people about what we do and the service we provide. At the moment my priority is to build up my business and in the long term I'm hoping to be able to expand and take on more franchise areas.'

Duncan McEwan, Warwick

Text: David Reid Homes