Detail Clean

Five years on from its launch, Bedfordshire-based Detail Clean is tackling both domestic and commercial cleaning markets in its push to realise the full potential of its territories. With the launch of its franchise concept, the company is now offering opportunities with serious potential to business people nationwide.

Professional cleaning represents one among the highest growing industries in the UK. According to a Work Foundation survey, approximately one in 12 of the country's entire workforce is working in the cleaning industry. The industry is now generating an annual turnover presently running at around £12 billion.

The industry is not only a major employer but also plays an increasingly vital part in the service sector of the domestic economy. The Government's new initiative to attain foolproof hygiene standards in working places to stem outbreaks of infection points to great scope for expansion. 'The market is growing enormously and we are on a massive expansion programme to meet its demands,' says Sandra Leggett, Managing Director of commercial and domestic cleaning franchise Detail Clean. 'We feel that franchising is a definite way to expand and through it we are providing opportunities for potential business persons to become part of the multi-million pound cleaning industry.

'The ultimate aim of the company is to provide comprehensive and exemplary services to our customers spread all over the country. A mammoth centralised system is not ideal for meeting new business trends - a wide network of fully equipped franchises is the best option to meet demand from the growing market.'

Detail Clean is utilising the expertise of Franchise Development Services to fine-tune its franchise concept. 'We are aiming to utilise the know-how we have gained over the last five years to develop and fully support a national network of franchisees, all using our tried and tested systems,' says Sandra. 'We are assuring unlimited earning potential to all our franchisees in an ever-increasing market. Detail Clean is 100 per cent reliable. In five years - no matter what the circumstances - we have never let a customer down. We have developed our concept, overcome the pitfalls and learned from our mistakes, putting structures in place which enable our franchisees to deal with an array of circumstances.'

Detail Clean provides full backup for new franchises to establish in their territories, including its comprehensive training programme covering cleaning, marketing, making sales, recruiting and managing staff, administration and customer service. 'We cover all these areas over a three day period at our training centre in the head office, before heading over to a training branch for a five-day hands-on practical programme,' says Sandra. 'The franchisee is then prepared for launching the business and we spend six more days at their office assisting pre- and post-launch to vet, hire and train staff, begin marketing and supervise their first cleaning jobs.'

Detail Clean's franchisee support package includes a Helpline facility; regular visits and communications from the head office; research and development; new product testing; national marketing; newsletters; and group meetings to encourage the exchange of ideas. 'We have developed a professional image with sign-written vehicles and uniformed staff and are currently in the process of developing own-branded products,' Sandra continues. 'In addition, we have become - as far as we are aware - the first domestic cleaning company in the UK to adopt a Vehicle Management System, which remote manages the position of every vehicle through tracking devices to allow confirmation of arrival times, reduce insurance costs, provide detailed directions for cleaning crews and eliminate unauthorised breaks and vehicle use.'

A survey conducted by the British Cleaning Council revealed that top executives believe that regular cleaning plays a vital role in keeping the wheels of industry turning, leading to greater productivity, higher staff morale and giving a good impression to prospective customers. Commercial customers of Detail Clean include estate and letting agents, health and fitness clubs, night clubs, newly built houses, offices and commercial units. 'The commercial sector is an ever-growing market,' reflects Sandra. 'A clean working atmosphere maximises productivity and reduces costs.'

Detail Clean equips its franchisees to supply both commercial and domestic cleaning markets. 'This is an opportunity to enjoy the full potential of the franchise territories,' Sandra reveals. 'Everyone's lives are busier than ever, and people are more than happy to use professionals to relieve them of their 'chores'. Having a professional cleaner is no longer a status symbol restricted to a minority of households, but rather a normal part of many people's lives... and rapidly growing number of them. Working couples, singles, new and expectant mothers, the elderly and people who simply don't like cleaning are all customers, and these are only from the domestic market.'

Having constructed a professional franchise package, Detail Clean is now recruiting its first set of franchisees and is seeking well organised, honest and self-motivated individuals with drive and ambition as well as good communication skills. 'There is a great potential for commercial cleaning,' Sandra reflects. 'You'll be surprised at the varied requests you get. Try to think of a property that doesn't ever need cleaning...every property owner is a potential customer.'

Reported by Anas Azeez