A double passion for helping others - and for success

Having just launched their Dietcare franchise, Denton-based Karen Clayton and Karen Pearson explain how a desire to help people is at the heart of their business, and how it's already reaping rewards.

Franchise owners Karen Clayton and Karen Pearson are no strangers to Dietcare, having both worked for the company for several years before being given the opportunity to buy the franchise - an opportunity both readily embraced with enthusiasm.

"We opened at the start of April 2010," says Karen Clayton, "and within our first three weeks had already attracted 15 new customers. We're well on track with our business plan and the future looks very bright."

The franchise covers Denton and the surrounding area in Lancashire, and both Karens were attracted to the idea of running their own business as it offered them the chance to satisfy their desire to help people.

"Of course we see it as an investment," continues Karen, "but for us it's also a way of life. We're both quite passionate about it and we're fully committed to customers. We're putting 100 per cent into making the business a success."

After a comprehensive training programme, franchise owners Karen and Karen offer one-to-one counselling, dietetic advice and eating plans tailored to suit a customer's individual metabolism. "The great thing about Dietcare," says Karen, "is that is doesn't involve gimmicks or drinks or pills - the eating plans are based on everyday, readily-available foods. It's really easy for people to adapt it to their own lifestyle because it's been designed to suit their own food preferences."

"It's very rewarding," adds Karen. "When we first meet people they can have a real lack of confidence and be very shy, but we give them plenty of help and encouragement with that as well. Ninety per cent of the work is being a counsellor. You develop genuine relationships with people, and we've been looking after some customers for more than ten years."

The pair are also taking the franchise into the community by attending local events and visiting schools, educating children and parents address the growing concerns surrounding the increasing obesity levels in the UK.

"We're currently working with a local hairdresser and life coach on a 9½ Years Younger promotion," says Karen, "which is creating awareness and building our business in addition to raising funds for the Children With Cancer Fund. We're always looking for more opportunities to get involved with the community."

Both Karens are looking forward to the future with confidence."We're both passionate about helping people," says Karen, "and we hope to employ more people in time as the business grows."

Reported by Eric Secker

Summary of the Service

Franchise owners support clients through a programme of one-to-one consultations. The head office dietetic team constructs an individual healthy eating plan for each client based on information gathered by the franchise owner at the first consultation. These are then explained to the client at the following consultation. The franchise owner continues to support clients in achieving their health and lifestyle goals.