Domino’s UK test-flies the world’s first pizza delivering drone

Domino’s Pizza has flown what could be the world’s first ever-unmanned aerial pizza delivery on record. The remote-controlled, eight-propeller aircraft dubbed the “DomiCopter” flew two pepperoni pizzas over the skies of a town near London.

The Domino’s franchise hired a creative agency based out of England called T + Biscuits to design the flight. Domino’s U.S spokesman Tim McIntyre said: “This has nothing to do with us in the U.S, and we have no plans to pursue this idea.”

The exciting new way of delivering pizza will not be available as Domino’s is testing the DomiCopter to carry larger loads so that it can include a bottle of Coca-Cola.

There are many who anticipate that domestic drones could have many possibilities in business, food delivery being among them.