Enjoy a slice of Domino's success

With one in three Domino's Pizza franchise owners running business worth more than £1 million, and the brand actively seeking to expand its network, there has never been a better time to take advantage of this leading food franchise opportunity.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in the UK this year, Domino's Pizza continues to achieve strong growth, with like-for-like sales up by 13.7 per cent for the first half of 2010. With 627 stores in the UK and Ireland and a commitment to opening 55 new stores each year, Domino's is seeking new franchise owners to open these additional stores.

The brand's Head of Franchise Development Andy Hirst explains: "Domino's Pizza remains one of the largest and most successful franchised businesses, and we are still actively recruiting franchise owners.

"We are continuing to show good growth and constantly invest in our product and service with new pizzas, side orders and desserts. In addition, we have seen incredible growth in our online sales - up 61 per cent for the first half of this year. We have supported this area of the business with technical innovations such as improved online ordering and Pizza Tracker, which allows web customers to see how their order is progressing."

Perfect examples of how Domino's franchise owners have contributed to the brand's success with their own innovations are Sean Geddes and Chris Forrester who between them own 12 Domino's outlets in Scotland.

Last summer the pair developed and launched a mobile unit and have been touring festivals and outdoor events ever since. The unit, which is believed to be the biggest mobile food unit in the UK at 12 metres long - weighs 15 tonnes and contains everything from a typical Domino's store including tripple deck ovens and cold room on an articulated truck. It can produce 240 pizzas per hour and set two new sales records during its first appearance at an outside event - the 2009 Download festival.

Sean, who owns a total of nine Domino's stores, explains: "In the summer months, our customers are typically making the most of the weather at various events around the country. We wanted to develop a way to continue serving their need for delicious Domino's pizzas and worked with Domino's head office to create a mobile unit that could bring the store to our customers, wherever they are."

Chris, who was the first person to open a Domino's Pizza in Scotland in 1996 and now owns outlets in Dunfermline, Livingston and Falkirk, continues: "The mobile unit took 20 months to create and it's really exciting to see our initial idea transformed into a fully functioning 'store on wheels'. The unit is the perfect way to bring our piping hot pizza to the complete range of outdoor events."

The duo plugged into their pre-Domino's experiences to ensure their mobile unit proved as big a draw as the bands when they roll up to serve hungry festival goers.

Sean had run a business unit for TNT with a focus on major events, including delivering equipment for a MotoGP race in Brazil and the transportation of a lorry load of 4x4s to Antarctica for the Camel Trophy. Chris ran a bar in Glasgow city centre after getting a BSc degree in Hotel Management and Hospitality Administration in 1992.

"It went well," he explains, "building sales by introducing a new lunch menu and turning the bar into a live music venue with new and un-signed bands playing seven nights a week. I sold up in 1996 and raised the money needed to open my first and Scotland's first Domino's store."

Now 14 years on, Chris and Sean are continuing their entrepreneurial skills with the backing of Domino's behind them.

Sean sums up: "With stores under our belts and the mobile unit going well, we're hungry to keep growing our businesses and look forward to what the future holds."

Reported by Fraser McKay