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10 reasons why people become a Drain Doctor Franchisee

1.) They wanted to improve their profits They were looking for a better method to help improve improve their bottom line profits that their current system had not been able to provide.

2.) Growth They wanted to grow and take more market share. Some business owners joined because they wanted faster growth, while some joined because their business had reached a plateu or had grown too slowly.

3.) Quality of Life Many business owners who became a Drain Doctor franchisee were looking for a better quality of life. They were working 12-14 hours a day. They wanted more time for a family and personal life that their current way of doing business was not providing. They had made classical mistake of building the business around themselves and not around systems. When a business is built around a system, the system manages the people, the owner manages the system.

4.) Family and Employees. Many business owners desired to turn their business over to their children or a key employee. Business owners know that it is not unusual for a business to struggle and even go out of business because the owner built the business around himself and not around the systems. Many of them a Drain Doctor franchisee because they needed systems to be put in place so the family or employee who takes over the business has much greater odds of succeeding.

5.)Wearing Too Many Hats Many business owners don't own their business, their business owns them. The current way they are running the business does not allow them to spend their time building the business. Their time is spent putting our fires. They were looking systems that could free up their time to do the most important thing, building their business.

6.) Being Unable To Sell The Business They cant sell their business. When the day comes to retire or cash out, they find out they can't sell their business or get much for it because they didn't create a business that has a good resale value. They did not know how to position their business as a high value property that could significantly add to their retirement savings. In fact, many of the business owners are not able to retire because they built their business around themselves and not systems.

7.) Trend Changes. Many business owners have joined to take advantage of the trend changes franchising has made in the business world over the last 50 years. A large number of industries have converted to franchising to have a competitive advantage. A growing percentage of all retail business today is being done through franchising, with many big companies now joining the trend. These people saw that national branding and national buying power helped them to stay more competitive and gave them an edge over the competition.

8.) National Accounts. Drain Doctors has developed relationships with national companies to which they can supply their services on a nation wide basis. It can be difficult to trade with these companies on other than a national basis. Owning a franchise can be the gateway to obtaining a share of this business within a franchised area.

9.) Retirement Many business owners joined Drain Doctor because they were not on track to reach the amount needed in savings for a proper investment.

10.) Research & Development. Most business owners today do no research and development to stay on top of their industry. Changes are so rapid in business today it is almost impossible to keep up with all the daily industry changes taking place.