In just six months, 10 Dream Doors franchise owners have achieved sales above £250,000 and many have taken in excess of £50,000 each month.

The company reports that one showroom alone has sold over 100 kitchen facelifts worth more than £400,000, and its top three franchise owners have sold more than £1 million between them already this year.

According to Dream Doors, with sales of £419,320 on the board by the first week of July, its Oxford franchise owners, Mike and Elaine Hurley, are on target to beat last year’s award-winning turnover of £763,000. In addition to this, ex-Woolworths Director Roy Easthope is already just £80,000 short of beating his total annual sales for 2011, with turnover to date this year of more than £350,000.

The franchise owners of Dream Doors Guildford and Woking, Gary and Hayley Ashe, who opened their showroom in January this year, have already surpassed £300,000 in sales of kitchen facelifts.

Gary Ashe said: “It's been quite a journey, and it’s amazing how much we now know that we didn’t this time last year. That might sound obvious, but with the level of success we’ve had comes a very steep learning curve. Like most Dream Doors franchise owners, neither of us had any previous industry experience, whereas now, just six months after our official showroom launch, we’ve had a few hundred thousands of pounds worth of experience.

“There have been a few stressful moments, but that’s the same in any business – especially one that works as well as this! We’ve ironed out most of the snagging issues now and I’m confident the second half of the year will be even better.”