Using a TV advertising campaign to help boost business

Troy Tappenden, Managing Director of Dream Doors, explains how his brand decided to use the power of TV as part of its marketing.

At the end of October, Dream Doors launched a two-week national advertising campaign on ITV3. The channel was chosen as being the best positioned to connect with Dream Doors’ target audience of over 55s and the adverts were designed to drive customers to our 35 franchised outlets across the UK.

During the 12 years Dream Doors has been in business, we’ve learned that 90 per cent of our customers are over the age of 55 with most living in three bedroom semi-detached houses, detached houses or bungalows.

The programmes on ITV3 appeal perfectly to this target demographic, and that’s why we chose it, as well as for its ability to deliver direct responses, meaning all advertisements will be broadcast in the day, during what are known as ‘low interest’ periods.

This is a clear and deliberate strategy to get the highest number of calls from viewers. We know the buying habits of our customers, and ITV3 knows their viewing habits.

Analysed viewing behaviour of our core customer base led us to this key decision to broadcast during off-peak hours. During these times, it’s proven that people are more likely to take immediate action. And an obvious, but no less important factor, in maximising direct responses is that the ads are broadcast during business hours, which means that people can get hold of us straightaway.

The new Dream Doors’ advertisement is concise and economical, delivering a high volume of relevant information in just a 30-second time slot. It includes visuals of the kitchens, plus a professional voiceover to communicate the main benefits of a kitchen facelift over a full fit-out. Meanwhile, key messages are communicated in words that appear on the screen to assist those with a hearing impairment.

From a franchise owner’s perspective, the advertisement is extremely cost-effective, with Dream Doors’ head office paying the majority share of the national advertising costs. Franchise owners, in fact, need only contribute £150 each to the campaign.

I don’t like to use the word cheap but this is about as cheap as a national advertising campaign gets for anybody. I doubt there are any smaller operators out there who can get their business onto national television for just £150 but our franchise owners are. To me, this really demonstrates the power of economies of scale through franchising. In short, the campaign will help franchise owners sell more kitchen makeovers and cost them less than the price of placing a tiny advert in the back of a local paper! At the same time the ad will help maintain Dream Doors’ position as the UK’s largest kitchen facelift retailer. The TV push this year will genuinely help the brand as a whole, not just by boosting our sales, but by buoying our image too.