Why are Dream Doors franchise owners selling so many kitchen facelifts?

  • Dream Doors kitchen makeovers are at least half the price sometimes even a third of the price – when compared with kitchens from major retail brands.
  • 80 per cent of Dream Doors customers are over 60 years of age and because they have retired, they are not worried about their job, redundancies or wage cuts.
  • The over-60s have often paid off their mortgage and many have more disposable income than other age groups in society.
  • Losing interest in the banks
  • The only way the recession has affected the over-60s is they are now getting very low interest on their savings.

For these reasons, customers are happy to spend some of their savings on improving their homes.

Can you see yourself running a retail franchise with the brand leader in the kitchen facelift sector?

As a sales and management franchise, you don’t need any previous kitchen industry experience. If you are hard working, determined, resilient and professional – with liquid capital of at least £30,000 – we’d love to hear from you today.

Franchise Fee £29,950 + VAT plus £45,000 working capital

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£763,000 sold last year, £187,000 in a month and £69,000 in a single day!

At £615,000, Oxford-based franchise owners Mike and Elaine Hurley’s first year’s turnover was more than three times the forecast for new Dream Doors franchise owners. With sales of £187,000 in a month, £69,000 in a day and a total of £763,000 in 2011, the couple have shattered all sales records.

“We don’t feel we are doing anything different than we have done before,” says Mike. “We have a great concept, fantastic products and we deliver on our promises. We are certainly putting in the hours, but the rewards are there.”

Husband and wife team join Dream Doors, open their showroom and sell £120,000 in just two months.

Six short months after arriving in the UK, Dream Doors Guildford & Woking franchise owners, Hayley and Gary Ashe (pictured right), have a business that has generated £120,000 in just two months.

“It’s been incredible, but not without its fair share of stress,” says Hayley.

“We are so busy right now and every other appointment is leading to a sale! We couldn’t have done it without all the help from head office.

“There’s real warmth within Dream Doors, with no competition between franchise owners and genuine support from everyone. We – probably more than others – have really needed that.”

Sales of £423,000 in 2011, the first full year in a showroom for Croydon-based franchise owners

Roy Easthope (pictured right, with his team) was fed up with corporate life, and says: “I didn’t want to be sat in the corner of the office, counting down the days to a pension!”

With no previous experience in kitchens, he now runs his own business just four miles from home and gets to choose the hours he works.

He adds: “Without the backup of the franchisor, you wouldn’t know where to start. It has been a steep learning curve, but whatever happens, someone, somewhere has been there before! Business has been good and, two years in, I’m well ahead of expectations.”

Sales of £100,000 in six weeks after the launch of their showroom.

Opened their showroom in three months and sold £320,000 in their first year.

Sold £100,000 in their first 10 weeks from a concession in a garden centre.

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