Sonic Golf: Keep Your Business on the Fairway

Not just a dream business for golf lovers, Sonic Golf is proving itself to be a profitable proposition through its rapid national growth. Adam Browning reports

A clever ultra-sonic golf club cleaning machine is at the core of the Sonic Golf business - supplied to Golf Clubs on a free, profit sharing basis. It is this reason why franchisees are finding that Golf Clubs are taking up their proposition across the country. 'The machine has been used at St Andrews for several years and The R&A also have one of our machines,' reveals Sonic Golf Founder Joel Bissitt.

' The machine works using ultrasonics, which is a cleaning method used for many years within the medical sector - most jewellers also use ultrasonic to clean their jewellery. The machine cleans a whole set of clubs, grips and heads in just two minutes. I believe we have the fastest and most effective cleaning method for golf clubs available in the market, and we have a proven, long track record at very prestigious venues.

'When you consider even allowing for drying and replacing head covers it takes only around four to five minutes for a whole set! That's clean clubs, tacky clean grips and no mud in the sink at home as well! The service is great for members but also an excellent added value service for societies and corporate events.

'Our unique relationship with an accredited UK ultrasonic cleaning manufacturer means we are in a strong position to deliver and service equipment quickly. Our local base also enables us to offer telesales and marketing support, which is included within the franchise licence.'

Sonic Golf Regional Partners

With a three year UK pilot scheme proving the durability, reliability and profitability of the Sonic Golf offering, Regional Partner franchisees distribute and manage 10 machines within a county. Responsible for the sale, distribution and servicing of the machines franchisees do not need to be golf enthusiasts but must possess excellent local knowledge and communication skills, have the financial capabilities to fund the business and be prepared to hire and manage part-time staff as the business grows.

Sonic Golf provides the ultrasonic golf club cleaning machines and all other equipment on a lease rental agreement, as well as marketing and management support. All billing to golf clubs is dealt with, on behalf of the franchisees, so only a minimum amount of administration is required.

Sonic Golf Mobile

For individuals who don't want to come into the business full time, Sonic Golf is launching its new 'Sonic Golf Mobile' concept. 'For the initial fee we provide a machine and other equipment for you to get started plus full training and support,' reveals Joel. 'As the name suggests you are licensed to operate on a mobile basis with golf courses choosing to work on busy days to suit your schedule.

'You collect all funds directly from golfers and you do not pay a percentage of your revenue - only an annual licence fee. Your income will depend on how you operate and how much you wish to work but an independent business using our machine for the last three years and working around three days per week has achieved revenue up to £1,900 in a month.

'This is an ideal cash business for people looking for an occupation in semi-retirement, or to combine with another part-time business. In fact, for added synergy you can combine this with the Eco Buggys business (see below).'

Eco-Buggys Licence Opportunity

The Eco-Buggys Business
Sonic Golf has spoken to hundreds of golf professionals across the country and the feedback received is that many clubs either do not have golf buggies or have too few. Maintenance and insurance can also be issues especially with petrol driven buggies. Also with the population ever increasing in age the mobility market is booming and many golfers need a buggy to be able to keep playing golf. Many of the professionals spoken to see single seater buggies as the future, giving various reasons such as the fact that they cause less damage to golf courses, they can be provided at a lower cost and are much more friendly to the environment.

As with the Sonic Golf machines, Sonic Golf licence operators lease the buggies and supply them to the golf professionals free of charge, then revenue is shared between professionals and the licensees. Other than routine maintenance, day-to-day operations are run by the professionals. The business is licensed by the number of buggies so franchisees can chose the size and growth of their business.