£100,000 turnover and a comfortable lifestyle

The thought of tailored training, ongoing sales support and legal advice persuaded Keith Kilbourn to invest in commercial cleaning franchise Dublcheck.

Dublcheck has celebrated another year of successful growth and its latest recruit, seasoned business owner Keith Kilbourn, is looking forward to his future with the commercial cleaning brand- developing his franchise and working towards a £100,000 turnover. "I have operated my own cleaning business for several years," explains Keith. "However, I was fed up with driving on average 50,000 miles a year, so decided to sell the high street side of my business. I wanted to get into contract cleaning and an advert for the established Dublcheck territory caught my eye in a local paper.

"Because I had grown my own successful business I did not immediately see the need to invest in an established business model. However, Dublcheck appealed because the franchise would provide me with ongoing sales support. This meant that I would be able to focus on developing the business rather than finding it. All I need to do is contact the telemarketing team and they will canvass different postcodes within my territory for me."

Keith also liked the fact that he would have the support of the franchisor so that if he wanted to go after bigger contracts he would be able to use Dublcheck's experience and legal team to give him an advantage over his competitors. "I met the head office team twice before I decided Dublcheck was the right investment for me," he continues. "I was impressed with their professionalism and I was able to discuss the management service fee and what it covered. I realised then that the monthly deduction was not much considering what I would gain in terms of support, insurance and ongoing training."

Before he joined the network, Keith attended a comprehensive training course at head office. This covered all aspects of running the business including invoicing and how to deal with customers. " I think it is great that Dublcheck tailors the training to fit the requirements of the individual franchise owners," says Keith.

"I took over the business on the 1st December 2009 and while it is early days I am pleased I decided to become a Dublcheck franchise owner. I like to take a hands-on managerial role so that I can see the business grow and ensure everything is running smoothly.

"The sales support is better than I anticipated. When I started I had 34 contracts and my aim is to take on at least another 16 contracts in 2010. By 2011, my plan is to have built the business up to an annual turnover of £100,000. My goal is to make enough money to fund my hobbies and maintain my current, comfortable standard of living."

Reported by Jess Sturman