Dublcheck offers great returns in a recession-resilient market

It is not just peoples’ personal living space that they take pride in, but also that which they employ in their professional lives. The Franchise Magazine spoke to Dublcheck’s Carol Stewart-Gill to discover how the company built a reputation for securing business for its franchise owners

TFM: When and why did you decide to franchise the business?

CS-G: Dublcheck franchised its commercial cleaning business in 1993, seeing it as a great way to grow and maintain the high standards that it had become known for.

TFM:Why do you think this franchise opportunity offers to owners that some of your rivals perhaps don’t?

CS-G: Dublcheck provides guaranteed turnover, growth options, ongoing support with payroll services and invoicing customers for their franchise owners.

TFM:What are your territories, and how many franchise owners do you currently have?

CS-G: We are a UK-wide business with over 120 franchise owners.

TFM:What do Dublcheck franchise owners receive in return for their investment?

CS-G: Turnover, support, growth, mentor, payroll facility, dedicated sales team, on-going training modules.

TFM: What training do they receive initially and what support do you offer on an ongoing basis?

CS-G: Dublcheck franchise owners attend a one-week residential training course at our head office, where all aspects of the business are covered. Dublcheck provides invoicing and payroll services, together with a 24-hour health and safety and employment law service to assist our franchise owners.

TFM: Please briefly describe a typical day as a Dublcheck franchise owner.

CS-G: As a management franchise owner, a typical day would be spent monitoring staff and building good relationships with customers.

TFM: How important is a reputable and recognised brand name in this line of work?

CS-G: This is extremely important; our branding has been established for 22 years now and lots of people comment on it positively.

TFM: What do you think is the most satisfying part of owning this business?

CS-G: The quality life / balance time that is achievable and offering fair and rewarding employment for staff

TFM: Is it an easily scalable and growable business?

CS-G: Yes, most definitely. You can be as small or as large as you like there is no upper limit

TFM: Do you see domestic cleaning as a growing market, and if so, for what reasons? Or alternatively, is it more of a resilient/stable market that will always be necessary and profitable, whatever the economic situation?

CS-G: We see commercial cleaning as a growing market and a recession-resilient one: testimony to the growth we had in the last 22 years.

TFM: Would it be right to say that this is a seasonal franchise? Is there work all year round?

CS-G: It is not seasonal, as we deliver monthly contracts to our franchise owners so they know exactly what they are going to earn each month.

TFM:What are your plans to develop the franchise opportunity for the rest of 2015?

CS-G: We have developed a fantastic franchise network over the last 22 years and they keep growing, with added free sales training course available to enable the growth.

TFM: What sort of person do you look for as a franchise owner?

CS-G: What we look for in our franchise owners is good interpersonal and organisational skills.