Elad Amir was Dublcheck's national sales manager for four years and later ran a Dublcheck franchise for a year and a half with his wife.

What makes Dublcheck different?

It doesn’t matter if you haven't come from a strong sales or management background, Dublcheck will support and train you from the start and continue to do so. The support network is like a family.

What are your plans for the future now you have left Dublcheck?

We have just completed the sale of our franchise after successfully running it for one and a half years. My wife and I will soon be departing on our trip around the world for the next few years. This was our goal when we took on the franchise, and with a lot of determination and hard work, we have succeeded.

What has been your most memorable moment franchising with Dublcheck?

The day that we officially sold our business and did our last payroll. We realised how amazing it is to know that we were able to provide a regular workplace and income to over 25 employees. That made this journey feel very special.

What is it like to work with Dublcheck?

They are always friendly, approachable and happy to help. During the first year of your business each franchisee is assigned a mentor. This is extremely important because that mentor will support you as a franchisee through the toughest year of your business and make sure that you succeed.

What are the benefits of investing in a Dublcheck franchise?

For me, as an employee as well as a franchisee, the top three benefits to becoming a Dublcheck franchisee are:

  • Unlike most franchisors, Dublcheck not only trains you in how to run your business successfully, but it also goes out and gets you business
  • The support network: having a mentor and so many other franchisees that are willing to share their knowledge and experience is invaluable
  • The track record: Dublcheck is a brand that has 23 years of success