Attention readers: discover how to earn up to £5,000!

The Franchise Magazine is encouraging readers to become ‘Franchise Talent Scouts’ by offering a £500 reward for each business they identify as being suitable for franchising.

You can earn £500 every time the owner of a successful business that you have identified utilises the services of Franchise Development Services (FDS) to expand by franchising. Why are we doing this? Simply to create new franchise brands that can be developed into genuine business format franchises for the ultimate benefit of readers searching for the latest franchise opportunities.

What To Do

  1. Identify owners of successful businesses that you believe could become, with the correct professional advice and guidance, a successful national or international franchise operation. To register your prospect, simply download and return the form to FDS, publisher of The Franchise Magazine.
  2. FDS will acknowledge your introduction and confirm if is not already on its database. A consultant will then contact the company.
  3. When the company commissions FDS to assist in their Franchise Development Programme, you will be advised.
  4. Upon the launch of their franchise opportunity, you will be sent a cheque for £500.

It really is that simple!

An enterprising reader could easily identify up to a maximum of 10 companies that may be candidates for franchising their business.

In the past, many readers of The Franchise Magazine have told us about great candidates for franchising but were unsure what to do about it – now The Franchise Magazine can provide that facility. If you can identify more than one brand, please contact us to supply their details or email