EC Credit Control: Build & lead a rapid growth opportunity

With its first Regional Franchisee appointed, EC Credit Control is seeking three more to complete its UK coverage, says CEO Matthew Harrison

and debt recovery services throughout the Australian and New Zealand markets. The concept has now been established in Ireland and, most recently, the UK where four Regional Franchisees will be responsible for the entire national market. Research shows that the potential for growth in the UK is enormous with a wealth of untapped business. Every business is a potential client of an EC Credit Control franchise, which specialises in credit management and the production of terms of trade in addition to debt recovery.

From the client's point of view, our service is simple, user-friendly and transparent, while for Franchisees it is a business that requires a relatively low cost of entry, produces a quick return on the investment, and is very easy to operate. Our Franchisees not only provide debt collection services, but also a comprehensive terms of trade documentation service, which accounts for approximately one third of sales. This is ideal for sales-focused entrepreneurs and we plan to have four in place covering the UK by the end of the year.

Each Franchisee will have been a successful business person prior to investment, having owned or operated a business or having held a senior position within a large corporation. With strong people management skills, the Franchisee will have experience in training, business planning and leadership, being able to effectively create a team and then motivate and lead it through a period of rapid business growth and advancement. The opportunities available in the UK are enormous.