Ideal for sales entrepreneurs

Four Regional Franchisee candidates are sought to spearhead a new concept in credit management across the UK. Stuart Anderson reports

With a Master Franchisee launched in Ireland, EC Credit Control has established its concept in its first European market after building franchise networks in Australia and New Zealand. The credit management and debt recovery brand is now seeking to divide the UK between four business leaders to capitalise upon the opportunity offered by the UK market.

"From the client's point of view, our service is simple, user-friendly and transparent, while for Franchisees it is a business that requires a relatively low cost of entry, produces a quick return on the investment, and is very easy to operate," reflects CEO Matthew Harrison. "The business is unique as EC Credit Control provides a complete credit management solution for all our clients. Our Franchisees not only provide debt collection services, but also a comprehensive terms of trade documentation service which accounts for approximately 1/3 of sales. This is ideal for sales-focused entrepreneurs and we plan to appoint four Regional Franchisees by the end of the year."

Having spent five weeks in both New Zealand and Australia taking EC Credit Control's initial training programme, Ireland Master Franchisee Ed Ronayne returned to launch his operation in June. "I was initially unsure about debt collection," says Ed. "I had this vision of people with baseball bats, etc., but that couldn't be further from the truth. The company is very professional - these guys have invested a lot of time and effort in putting together the franchise, and it's pretty obvious they've done their homework. The business can be managed from a laptop, which means I can stay in touch with it from anywhere.

"My only concern was that with the head office in a different time zone support would be difficult to arrange, but the turn around on requests is very quick and there is also a considerable amount of support delivered by franchise support office staff travelling to my territory."

Ed has divided his territory into 11 regions, in which he is appointing salespeople to help build his business. "I have my first salesperson up and running and have finished training the next three," he reports. "The reaction from the market in Ireland has already been overwhelmingly positive - we're finding it relatively easy to sell the debt collection and terms of trade services as people easily understand the simplicity of the products. Our target is to have the full sales team in place by June next year."

Adds Matthew: "We've certainly chosen the correct operator and couldn't be more pleased. Ed has tremendous enthusiasm for and understanding of our system. The market is accepting the product, and in our view the UK market will react similarly. We've broken the UK up into four territories, each with a population of approximately 15 million. The opportunities available in the UK are enormous, and we look forward to offering nationwide coverage through four Franchisees early next year."

Modest Outlay for Exceptionally High Returns in Untapped BTB Market

EC Credit Control is the leading supplier of credit management and debt recovery services throughout the Australian and New Zealand markets, and now with a presence in Ireland.

EC Credit Control excels in credit management and debt recovery. It is regarded as the innovative leader amongst the profession in Australasia. Research shows that the potential for growth is enormous with a wealth of untapped business in the United Kingdom. Every business is a potential client of an EC Credit Control franchise as the company specialises in credit management and the production of terms of trade in addition to debt recovery.

This is your opportunity to join one of the fastest growing franchise operations in Australasia and now Ireland. We are seeking expansion into the United Kingdom through the appointment of four new Franchisees.

There are four franchise territories available in the United Kingdom. Each Franchisee will have been a successful businessperson prior to investment, having owned or operated a business or having held a senior position within a large corporation. With strong people management skills, the Franchisee will have experience in training, business planning and leadership. The Franchisee must be able to effectively create a team and then motivate and lead it through a period of rapid business growth and advancement.

'The Most Sophisticated and Responsive Package in the Industry"