Looking for a wise investment?

This dynamic company is at the forefront of an emerging £100+ million per annum sector

Who Is Eco Mobile Homes?

Type ‘mobile homes’ (with an ’s’) into Google, and our company is number one! That’s not paid advertising, it’s driven by public interest in our product, which is based on sophisticated design and the insulation values of a normal new build house. We’re garden annexe and static caravan manufacturers with WOW FACTOR! Take a look at these images. Look like normal houses don’t they? Infact they’re ‘mobile homes’.

What Is The Angle?

We assemble our mobile homes onsite from many smaller sections solving the hard to access problem that many back gardens present. The homes arrive like a timber frame building kit. They’re NOT fully finished in a factory like the ones you see on trailers travelling on the motorway or on holiday parks. By solving the access problem for back gardens a truly enormous opportunity for homeowners to build large planning free residential annexes has emerged. There are 20 million gardens in the U.K extending to over 1/2 acre.

Do They Really Not Require Planning Permission?

Nope! Siting a massive five bedroom ‘mobile home’ annexe in the back garden falls under the exact same law as parking a touring caravan in your drive. Planning Authorities will issue an official letter of confIrmation called a ‘Lawful Development Certificate’. Siting a mobile home in a garden is NOT a permitted development right. That’s for sheds, extensions and small garden annexes that can’t be used residentially. Using a mobile home is a right that every homeowner has, even in a conservation area, listed buildings and greenbelt, just very few homeowners know about it.

How Big Is The Opportunity?

The current mobile home and static caravan industry manufactures around 6,000 static caravans and 2,000 twin unit mobile homes per annum. The vast majority of those go to holiday and leisure parks, about five per cent go in gardens, mainly because of the access problem for pre-fabs. Our company model is well positioned to capture the growing market, which we believe can number in the hundreds of units per annum.

Eco Mobile Homes Ltd is a luxury mobile home manufacturer.
Our target market is the general public, not commercial holiday parks.
Mobile Homes in gardens do not require planning permission, almost anyone one can have one.
We specialise in assembling mobile homes onsite for hard to access gardens, so enclosed back gardens can still be developed.
The market to develop properties and build large garden annexes as mobile homes has enormous potential capacity but needs a public awareness campaign.
Eco is growing and developing in a consistent manner (Year 1: 350,000 Year 2: 700,000 Year 3: 1.2m turnover) but the company could be much bigger and more profitable with help from a like minded investor.
We’ve additionally developed a range of affordable kit build static caravans which can be introduced into the DIY retail market.
We’d also be delighted to talk to anyone with a large property portfolio on how siting mobile home annexes can increase the value and use of assets.

What Is Needed?

My name is Guy Little, I’m a 35 year old entrepreneur from Dorset. I need an investor to help me capitalise on the property niche I’ve discovered. Please just allow me a few minutes of your time to describe the project fully.