Love cars and the luxury life?

...then this could be the most exciting franchise in the UK for you!

écurie25 is the world's most successful supercar club with over 4 years history, and over 200 members and 40 cars in the UK. Members enjoy being part of an exclusive private club dedicated to performance motoring.

Our vision is to establish the largest and most widely distributed network of asset-sharing clubs in the luxury vehicle sector - "the Hilton Hotels of supercar clubs" . This vision provides fantastic opportunities for franchise owners - the more branches in the club the more valuable the franchise becomes.

This opportunity is ideally suited to franchise owners who can leverage existing resources such as access to prestige cars, vehicle financing, vehicle storage premises or access to high net worth clients. écurie25 seeks interest in both Franchise and Master Franchise opportunities from established business owners and entrepreneurs. Minimum capital requirement £100,000.

The business offers a highly profitable quality opportunity, with all back office operations fully automated, enabling very efficient operation and a state of the art experience for members.