Editor: June/July edition highlights

By now, according to the Bank of England's promises, some £75 billion has been pumped into the UK economy through quantitative easing. A further £50 billion was announced in May as the Bank of England reported positive feedback from some businesses who were seeing the credit freeze 'starting to thaw.'

Gaining access to investment capital is the biggest challenge facing many prospective franchise buyers in today's market. With over 2 million people officially out of work and a sluggish jobs market, the latent potential for the franchise industry's recruitment is huge. A loosening of the credit pursestrings should create some serious growth for a lot of franchise businesses over the next couple of years, making it a very exciting time for franchising.

Young people seeking their first job this summer are facing an uphill battle. For those considering self-employment as an alternative, franchising offers a superb opportunity to get into business for themselves, but backed by the training and support of a national company. Turn to page 46 for the start of our special focus on individuals who have taken this route into building a successful future for themselves.

If you're admiring the rather nice Aston Martin pictured on this page, you may be interested in reading about how its owner generated the money to buy it. Nick Bourne is one of the many franchise owners to have expanded his business by opening multiple stores. Read profiles of these ambitious individuals in our Business Builders section starting on page 30.