Plumb Local & Elec Local: Isn't it time you became your own boss?

What do you want to be now...Plumber or Electrician? We will give you the training, the qualifications, the system and the brand to start your own business.

The demand for good local electricians and plumbers has never been greater and is set to rise even higher!

That's why PlumbLocal and ElecLocal are looking for highly motivated and organised individuals with good basic skills and self discipline to join the fastest growing franchise operation in the market - an ideal opportunity for those seeking a new start.

Perhaps you have reached a point where a career change is right for you. Or maybe you are being offered redundancy and are looking to secure your future. Whatever you decide, talk to us first.

Your previous employment may have given you many of the attributes required for running a successful plumbing or electrical business already. Just leave the rest to us.

Starting with an intensive 11 week City & Guilds/NVQ training programme, we will give you all the skills and qualifications you need. Once completed you will have all the support necessary to build a successful business in your territory - and once established give you the opportunity to expand into a multi-van operation.

Your new business will be continually backed up by our ongoing technical support. Not only that, our extensive local marketing campaigns will ensure that a new customer is never too far away.

Initial investment is £27,500 for a one van operation up to a maximum of £32,000 for a multi-van territory.

Up to 70% (including working capital) can normally be financed through Nat-West.

All this adds up to a successful, lucrative and secure career - so what are you waiting for!