The nation's trusted electricitan

Retrain with us and build your own electrical business using the proven ElecLocal franchise system.

Recent changes in legislation known as Part 'P' are making it harder than ever to find a fully qualified electrician - when it comes to electrics people don't take chances. The government is predicting a shortfall of some 37,000 electricians in the UK. So now is the time to join us and become a part of the ElecLocal network - the nation's electrician of choice.

ElecLocal is the only franchise to train their franchisees as fully qualified electricians. On completion of our intensive 13 week City & Guilds training programme you can enjoy running your business secure in the knowledge that our nationwide team of technical experts will be on hand 24-7.

Our Business Development Team and our extensive portfolio of corporate clients together with our local and national marketing campaigns and will quickly help you establish and grow your business.

Why ElecLocal? John Woodcock tells us...

"I used to work as a Technical Support and Applications Manager, however when I was made redundant for the second time in six years I decided I wanted a job that could offer me more stability."

John Woodcock found out about the ElecLocal franchise while he was searching for jobs in the electrical and service industries. He says: "I liked the look of the ElecLocal franchise as I knew it would suit my electrical and engineering skills, while also giving me the job security I wanted."

Before launching his franchise in April 2005 John spent three months training. "Since training, the people on my course and I have worked together to help each other," reveals John. "I've received a lot of help from ElecLocal, especially with technical support. Also as franchisees we have all supported each other, both over the telephone and on the job.

"I'm happy with the way my business has gone and I like the security it offers me, which was what I was looking for. I also enjoy working with other franchisees and the diversity and variation of the job."

Having found his ideal franchise, John advises those looking into franchising: "I would recommend going with a reputable company and talking to other franchisees. I would also recommend going with ElecLocal as I'm very happy with the franchise."