Why ElecLocal? Franchisee Darren Sellers tells us...

"Initially I was going to try and launch a business of my own as an electrician but after investigating it I found that it was not as easy as I thought it would be...

I had thought about franchising but didn't know that it was available for electricians. When I found out about ElecLocal the two came together.'

Previously owning a business in moulding plastic and fibreglass Darren decided he wanted a change of direction. Franchising was the perfect option as he enjoyed being his own boss but wanted the support a franchise offers.

Before launching his business in Norwich on the 10th April this year Darren completed the 13 week ElecLocal training programme at the company's official training provider in Rotherham.

'The training was very good, I felt it was professional and had an air of quality about it,' he reflects. 'All candidates have to go through a selection with ElecLocal and if you don't meet their criteria then you can't go on and train. It builds up your confidence as you know they are not just taking anyone.'

Since April Darren has been continuously busy and has exceeded his target turnover. Even with this success Darren has found that support is there when needed: 'If I've had a problem or had to sort something out there is always somebody there at the end of a telephone.'

As a new franchisee Darren wants to concentrate on building up his knowledge and experience. At the moment he is enjoying what he does, but he does have plans to expand in the future. 'I like the feeling that you're your own boss but you're part of the brand as well,' he concludes.

"It feels good to be a part of something, but have your independence too."