A life-changing experience-EmbroidMe translating global success into UK

With a successful flagship store proving its internationally successful concept in the UK, EmbroidMe is seeking to establish a national network of stores With a successful flagship store proving its internationally successful concept in the UK, EmbroidMe is seeking to establish a national network of stores

Offering a one-stop solution to branding, promotion, identity and awareness for companies, organisations and individuals alike, EmbroidMe is the largest full service embroidery, garment printing and promotional products store group in the world.

Now the franchise opportunity is available in the UK, with franchisees sought to build upon the early success of our flagship store in Northampton, which has provided a model location with a population of 200,000 and just over 5,000 registered businesses. Over the last 18 months the growth of the store's customer base has been impressive across all sectors of the local community, from schools to orchestras, from motor racing teams to the local County Council and from small to very large local businesses.

It is the customer base that is one of the most exciting elements of the franchise. Everybody is your customer. What the Northampton store has proved is that there is great business potential out there and that, by focusing on customer service, the level of repeat business is exceptionally high.


EmbroidMe gains its competitive edge through its retail frontage - a working showroom as a marketing tool positioned advantageously in the franchisee's locality. An EmbroidMe store is open and welcoming to all, whether they are individual consumers, local organisations or business representatives. The showroom promotes a wide range of garments and promotional products, and clearly displays the extensive range of personalisation options available. This lets the customer see, feel and even try on the garments.

The advantage for customers is that each franchise is equipped to personalise the products on-site. Controlling the embroidery and garment printing process ensures a level of quality, consistency and customer service that many third party businesses cannot provide.


Everything that is needed from a marketing and operational point of view has been developed and honed to ensure that each EmbroidMe franchisee has all the tools that a big business would relish, yet retains all the flexibility that gives a local business its advantage. Customer service is an essential element of the training programme, which includes three weeks' on-site instruction when you set up the business, preceded by an inspirational fortnight for the franchisee at EmbroidMe's renowned Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence in West Palm Beach, Florida.

'School,' as it is known in the corporate office, has been described by many as a life-changing experience. This is due to the success of EmbroidMe, with over 450 stores opened in 15 countries since franchising commenced in 2001. Undoubtedly the franchise is meeting the needs of today's market and the trend is growing!

Reported by EmbroidMe UK'Managing Director Bill Souter