Threads of Success EmbroidMe's global pedigree presents a proven opportunity in the UK

The growth of EmbroidMe worldwide has continued apace in 2008. With representation in over 15 countries there are now over 500 EmbroidMe outlets operating worldwide

Although a global franchise, being an EmbroidMe franchisee not only provides the benefits of scale and association to a powerful organisation but also the ultimate freedom to build a successful business within the framework provided.

Why is EmbroidMe successful? There are many factors such as operating in a vast and growing market for corporate clothing and promotional products - a market with the widest possible customer base (who doesn't promote their business or organisation?). However, the real key to the success is the foundation of the business. Although EmbroidMe has been franchising only since 2001, the founder Ray Titus has a long and successful history in the franchise arena where he built up the largest worldwide signs franchise with Signarama. The learning and experience creating such a worldwide success story has been ploughed into EmbroidMe which offers franchisees a fully proven operating model.

The core EmbroidMe proposition provides three clear advantages. Uniquely, each franchise operates from a retail frontage with high visibility to passing consumer traffic. The modern and well stocked marketing showroom provides the key selection of garments and promotional products from which the customer, whether passing or by appointment, can select and size.

Each franchise has a full on-site design and production facility for embroidery, garment printing and personalising an array of promotional products, ensuring the franchisee controls the process, including scheduling, product quality and customer service delivery unlike many competitors who are required to put this in the hands of third party suppliers.

Thirdly and most powerfully, EmbroidMe is a sales and marketing business reaching out in a professional manner to all organisations, schools and clubs in the locality, presenting the enormous benefits of our worldwide organisation with that personal local touch.

As a franchisee you are openly linked to the worldwide EmbroidMe community. Access to the worldwide intranet offers procedural, educational, instructional and inspirational information in seconds. Here the opportunity exists to seek assistance or insight from the corporate office or fellow franchisees, into opportunities or obstacles that present themselves to you. Online is not the only way in which information and inspiration reaches you. Regular franchisee meetings both nationally and internationally provide benchmarking opportunities, as well as guidance and education in classroom and social settings which also produce a strong spirit of camaraderie.

The quarterly magazine entitled Threads of Success (pictured) reaches out to all franchisees worldwide and is designed and produced to educate and inspire by providing a welcome read about colleagues and their initiatives. The current edition contains articles on the opening of the first franchise in Spain, the growth of the franchise in Canada and the promotional material packages that are helping the New Zealand franchisees win over new customers, as well as insight into the latest technology developments and the key 'must-do's for your internet site.

Back here in the UK, the pilot store in Northampton has completed its second full year reporting 40 per cent growth. The customer base covers schools, sports and leisure clubs, businesses large and small, local council organisations, hotels and pubs, community groups, retailers, event management and recruitment companies and many, many more.

The diversity of the people and the organisations you deal with is one of the really enjoyable features of this business. In essence we provide a feelgood service - when handing over the finished product or garments the result brings a smile of delight and anticipation to the customer who just wants to get the items into circulation or worn by fellow club members or work colleagues. Every business will have to trade through tough months ahead and those who do so successfully will be all the stronger in the more prosperous years to follow. The successful companies will require not just to keep costs in check, but to continue marketing appropriately and effectively to promote their services to their target market. EmbroidMe is uniquely positioned to assist organisations across the board promote themselves by providing a wide range of highly effective and competitively priced solutions.

With so many people currently facing redundancy in this recessionary environment, franchising offers a real opportunity to invest in their future by building a business which can provide for themselves and their families. In the context of current worldwide growth, the EmbroidMe franchise in the UK offers a robust franchise model which pulls together the 'threads of success' and makes them available to the franchisees.

Reported by EmbroidMe UK'Managing Director Bill Soutar