Getting the most from Google

It’s hard to imagine today an Internet without Google. However, while the search engine acts as the gateway to the World Wide Web for hundreds of millions of people, it has never been more important for franchisees to make the most out of Google. Engage Web’s Managing Director, Lianne Wilkinson, explains.

Are your franchisees getting the best out of Google?

Here in the UK, more than 90 per cent of searches are made on Google, which predicts that more than 50 per cent of its searches will be made on mobile phones by the end of this year.

In short, this means if your website doesn’t work on a mobile device and isn’t performing well in Google, you’re missing out on a considerable amount of business. Additionally, Google made a big update to its local algorithm in the United States in July, which drastically affected the way some searches for local businesses worked and further increased the importance of your website being ready for mobile search. Google usually releases its updates first in the United States version of its search engine, before rolling them out to other countries.

How do your franchisees get the best out of Google?

First and foremost, you need to be using Google My Business. If you haven’t heard of that, don’t worry, it only launched in June this year and is the latest incarnation of Google Places, or Google Local.

As it’s so powerful for local businesses and offers so many options, Google My Business is believed by many to be a threat to ‘kill’ SEO by integrating with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Maps, Google+ and YouTube. Google My Business is a must for franchisees because of the way it helps customers to find them. Far from ‘killing’ SEO, it actually works perfectly alongside it.

At Engage Web, we can manage your Google My Business pages for your franchisees and, through our FranchiseXcel product, operate them in conjunction with our local news offering, where your franchisees get unique, bespoke content each month, all tailored for them and their industry. We work with franchisors in the UK, United States, Canada and Australia, and help hundreds of franchisees improve their business through Google, using the latest techniques, keeping abreast of Google’s latest developments and identifying how they can help our clients get more from Google.