Make Waves with Your Digital Strategy

In a world where appearing on page two or lower of a related Google search just isn’t acceptable, businesses are trying all sorts of ludicrous techniques to outsmart the all-powerful and darkly mysterious ‘Google algorithm’. Lianne Wilkinson of Engage Web explains effective SEO.

There are people who will tell you that Google is a mysterious animal. One that changes its mind on what it wants from one day to the next. That it’s impossible to predict its next move. Appeasing Google is the work of digital marketing companies that practice SEO (search engine optimisation) and they’ll often tell you that what they do is a dark art full of intrigue and secrecy.

Of course, that’s all rubbish. Google may be very complicated with thousands of different factors affecting its algorithms, but what it wants is simply the most relevant results for a person’s search query. For your website to appear near the top of Google for a search on one of your products or services, your website needs to be the most relevant result, with the best content. If it isn’t, you have work to do.

For a franchise to successfully promote its business online so that it dominates different geographic territories, the importance of relevancy becomes even more significant.

This is where Engage Web comes in. We have been working closely with franchises for many years and, together with our long-standing experience within the digital market, have developed FranchiseXcel – a bespoke digital marketing product designed explicitly to cater to the needs of the franchise sector. We immerse ourselves in your industry and work with you to produce the sort of content Google is looking for when it searches your website.

We have a team of writers based around the world in different English speaking countries, so we’re able to match the writer with the best geographical knowledge and skillset to the right industry and location for our client. Whether your franchise owner is based in Chester, UK, or West Chester, Pennsylvania, we have the writers on hand to give your content that all-important local touch. Additionally, you can rely on the quality of our content as a team of journalist-trained Editors reviews and edits everything in-house.

With FranchiseXcel, we can help new franchises get off the ground and establish a foothold in the UK, as well as long-established global franchises seeking to grow their franchisee numbers and expand their online business in each of their franchise territories. Whether your business is looking to franchise at the pilot stage, or whether you have owners across the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK, Engage Web has the expertise to help.