Pole position in the market

With low overheads and booming sales, award-winning online tyre retailer, etyres, is streets ahead of the competition

Starting your own business is exciting, but it can also be daunting and that is why an etyres franchise offers a fantastic opportunity.

Initially concentrating on tyres for the fleet and lease car market, etyres opened its pilot branch in 1992. The first franchise owners joined in 1996 and they are still trading successfully. Others soon followed who are also still operating profitably. Soon after that, the internet started to rapidly change the business landscape.

etyres was the UK’s first online tyres company. It launched in 1999 and for more than a decade has transformed and led the way that tyres are sold and fitted across the country. etyres has put down deep roots in the internet tyres industry and this has enabled it to grow stronger and faster than its rivals. An independent report into the tyres industry said recently of etyres: “Sales growth and profit margins are better than the industry’s largest player.”

With a combination of online ordering, mobile tyre fitting and low overheads, etyres makes massive operational savings compared to the traditional high street depots and they pass them on to their customers in the form of lower prices – up to 40 per cent cheaper than the fast fit chains.

etyres offers a complete package, from online ordering (but with a call centre for customers who need to speak to a member of their team) to a mobile fitting service provided by teams across the country, who are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and conform to the highest safety standards.

The etyres website sets the standard and system for selling tyres on the internet, which is now used by everyone and were the first to feature a regular price check section.

etyres was also the first online tyres company to feature a video and now uses carefully selected celebrity endorsements to drive its message home. Eamonn Holmes and Vicki Butler-Henderson bring authority to the website and show customers that they are in the hands of experts.

Even the recession had a positive impact on the etyres business and sales soared as consumers went online to find cheaper deals for essentials like tyres.

etyres is now a tried-and-tested formula, which its franchise owners have used as a springboard to success. It gives them the chance to launch and build their own business with the benefit of a trusted name in the tyre trade to work under.

etyres is proving a tremendous success with husband-and-wife and father -and-son partnerships, it also offers a sound investment for former military personnel.

Full training in every aspect of the business is provided. Many new franchise owners start as sole traders but soon grow into multi van businesses.

So if you have got good communication skills, are prepared to work hard and are extremely customer focused, etyres will launch you on the road to success.

etyres is a Full Member of the British Franchise Association and encourages all of its franchise owners to become members – as it provides additional benefits. etyres recently won the prestigious 2011 Franchisor of the Year bronze award.

How it works

Customers view an online price list of tyres or batteries on the etyres user-friendly website, where prices are up to 40 per cent less than those of leading tyre depots. Orders can be placed online or through the etyres national sales office.

The order details are then passed to the local franchise owner for execution.

The franchise owner then arranges an efficient journey plan, to suit the customer’s fitting requirements, which are usually at their home or work-place. This provides the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

etyres is the leader in its field because it is ranked higher than its competitors on all the major internet search engines, it has higher volumes of sales and, therefore, better buying prices. It has highly efficient systems and is constantly investing in new technology, social media and search engine optimisation.