Flexible Office & Workspace Solutions

Looking for good quality office or workshop space without long leases and legals fees? Simon Royal investigates...

Whether you are a new franchisor or an established brand looking to expand your franchise network, finding a suitable premises can be a long and tedious process riddled with hassles.

Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could find a premises and move in, leaving you to concentrate on your business? With Evans Easyspace this is possible.

Evans Easyspace is a company with a strong track record of meeting the needs of small and growing businesses up and down the UK, providing consistently high quality, small offices and workshops on accessible and flexible terms. Evans Easyspace is now working with the franchise sector to provide a property service that meets the needs of both franchisors and franchisees.

'We are able to work in partnership with the franchisor,' explains Tom Stokes, Managing Director, Evans Easyspace. We can give them the assurance of consistent quality give them the flexible terms and space they need when they are buying a franchise business.'

Tapping Into The Market

'The feedback we have recieved from the sector is location and quality of premises are key issues,' comments Tom. 'The issues are of course the same for every business, but franchising has the added dimension of the need for some uniformity between franchisees.' Evans Easyspace has built its reputation on providing the kind of business space that is much in demand across business sectors and geographical boundaries. Small enterprises currently represent 99.1 per cent of the 3.8m businesses in the UK and account for 37 per cent of turnover, so the demand for business space is high, and Evans Easyspace has tapped into the market.

Their centres are all located within business or industrial parks, close to centres of population and with excellent road and rail links, so they meet the needs of all but high street retail businesses. For businesses using Evans Easyspace, the advantages are huge.

A Simple Agreement

With hassle free, all inclusive terms with a simple agreement and at a very competitve price, this is a very attractive way of leasing property. 'Businesses need give only two months' notice if they later decide to move on or trade up to a larger space,' continues Tom. 'Evans Easyspace also offer a range of opt-in additional services for clients, which can help to reduce business running costs.'

Where a traditional property lease ties tenants down for five years or more, and often demands personal guarantees and trading history, the Evans Easyspace licence agreement is simple, with a small deposit and no need for lawyers or even property agents.

There leases are flexible to allow clients peace of mind. The reality is that their clients tend to be long term, trading up or down within the centres to match the needs of their business. Once clients have been bitten by the Easyspace bug, they tend stay here!

With 25 centres around the UK - in the Midlands, North Wales, North East, North West and Scotland - the have plans to treble in size over the next five years.

'I believe we offer ambitious franchisors an excellent partnership prospect,' reveals Tom. 'With the opportunity to have assured properties around the UK.'