Expense Reduction Analysts

Summary of Operation: Cost management consultancy group

Ideal Franchise Owner Profile: Our franchise owners come from a wide range of professional backgrounds. Looking for people with a good attitude, personality and core skills who are self-motivated and enthusiastic and who have the ability to speak to people at all levels. Ideal candidates will need to have basic computer skills and the ability to fund the franchise, along with 12 months working capital.

Cost of Franchise: £39,900 +VAT

Year Company Established: 1996

Year of First Franchise Owner: 1996

Training Provided: World class training programme covering business development training, building client relationships, technical project tendering, professional procurement training, client acquisition and marketing.

Support Services Provided: Dedicated Business Coach for business and marketing planning, ongoing personal and professional development programme, additional training modules, regular regional meetings and annual national conferences, annual supplier exhibition, Business Marketing Fund, which will be reinvested back into the franchise owner’s business within the first 12 months and used exclusively to launch and promote their business.

bfa Membership: Full