Become a fully trained procurement consultant

with the ability to win business and deliver huge savings to your clients

“THE LIFESTYLE THAT I ASPIRED TO” St John Rowntree – Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise Owner

“Being your own boss does have its own challenges but it also gives me the freedom to choose my hours of work. I’ve been on more holidays since joining Expense Reduction Analysts, including trips to Thailand and the Caribbean; I’ve paid off my mortgage; bought a new Mercedes for cash; and a holiday home too – all within the last six years.

St John Rowntree joined Expense Reduction Analysts in June 2005 having previously been an Operations Director for a division of Federal Express.

“Prior to joining Expense Reduction Analysts I had been in corporate life for the last 20 years across a range of different roles. I enjoyed a number of them, but this franchise opportunity definitely works well for me, and it gives me the lifestyle that I always wanted.”

Using the Franchise Network’s Expertise
“Whether it is specialist areas such as fl eet and logistics, or something which seems quite simple like stationery, each category we analyse has its own unique challenge. Whatever the project happens to be, there is a wide range of expertise in within our organisation, so we never have to walk away from new business.”

“Due to the volume of business we are putting forward, the relationship that we have with suppliers makes my role a lot easier. It gives my customers real value and ultimately helps me sign more clients. I believe this is unique to Expense Reduction Analysts, as no other cost reduction franchise I’ve encountered has this kind of ability.

Benefits of being your own boss
“Since joining I have on average earnings of over £100,000 a year. Last year it was almost £200,000. You certainly get rewarded for the time and effort that you put in, which without doubt was not the case from previous employment.

“I am delighted that I joined Expense Reduction Analysts and I wouldn’t go back to working for somebody else again.”

Franchise Package

  • World Class Training Programme
    - Business Development Training, Building Client Relationships, Technical Project Tendering, Professional Procurement Training, Client Acquisition & Marketing
  • Intellectual Property
  • Business Stationery
  • Professional Software
    - CRM system with access to Suppliers’ Databases & the Network of Franchise Consultants
  • Ongoing Support
    - Dedicated Business Coach for business & marketing planning
    - Ongoing Personal & Professional Development
    - Additional training modules, Regional Meetings
    - Two Annual National conferences
  • Accommodation and Subsistence
    (During Foundation Training)
  • 1 Year Fast Track Launch Programme
    (Dedicated business coach and Mentor assigned to you)
  • 10 year licence

The Franchise Package: £39,900 + VAT