Women - take control with franchising

To gain a greater understanding of what benefits the franchise sector and being self-employed has to offer women Tiffany Brooking spoke to Sarah Cresswell, of The Creation Station, and Moira Holden, of workingmums.co.uk

After taking a career break or time out for children, women can often lack confidence when returning back to the workplace. However, franchising gives women the opportunity to rebuild their skills and knowledge in a supportive environment.

Franchising offers a tremendous opportunity for ambitious women to start their own business. Women, mothers in particular, are highly suited to becoming franchise owners, because of their meticulous attitude to detail in family matters is exactly what’s needed to set up and be at the helm of a business.

With the majority of women possessing the necessary skills to run their own franchised business and the unemployment rate for women reaching 1.04 million, the highest figure since 1988, now is the time for women to take control of their careers and futures.

Mother, wife and Web Editor for www.workingmums.co.uk, Moira Holden says: “Running around after children and being at the head of a busy household requires a very organised approach to life. Mums learn to prioritise and know just how valuable every minute of the day is.

“They have programmed themselves to be aware of dental and GP appointments and have learned to remember on what days the PE kit needs to be washed and ironed and back in its bag.

“Mums factor in after-school activities, birthday parties and work out transport logistics when there’s a clash of events. And, of course, they’re masters at responding to the unexpected with a calm demeanour at all hours of the day.

“These are vital skills in the business world, particularly in the franchise sector. Mums are willing to adapt to different working hours, often beavering away when the rest of the family is in bed or having down time.

“A mum’s household work doesn’t revolve around a 9-5 schedule, so this makes her far more adaptable to the flexible yet systematic attitude needed in running a franchise.”

Founder and Managing Director of The Creation Station, Sarah Cresswell, is one of many successful women working within the franchise industry. Her children’s activity franchise was set up in 2002 to inspire children's natural creativity at an early age in a safe and nurturing environment.

Having started her franchise from scratch, while raising three children, Sarah is well aware of the challenges a new business can present and how joining a franchised business can make the process that much easier.

“When I first started The Creation Station in 2002, I found it really hard to get the right type of advice, systems and support. Starting from scratch means you’re investing in researching, developing and testing. Investing in a franchise means you have a tried, tested and reputable business, which you can enjoy growing from day one, with exactly the right type of support and network around you. This makes it not only more financially secure and successful but also a lot more fun. Franchising can be perfect for women who want to achieve that all important work/life balance.

“What I love about the franchise model is that, if you find the right one for you, it can make the dream of running your own business a secure reality. You know what the outgoings are from the start and all the research and development costs are covered at the head office level – this can save you a fortune. More than anything though, I believe the true value of investing in the right franchise is in being part of a team who really understand you and your business, and who will support you through each step of your business growth and development,” adds Sarah.