"FDS offers over 30 years of experience…"

Having a franchise consultant is key when you’re looking into taking the first step into the frachising industry. Franchising can be complex – that’s why FDS are on hand to guide you through every step of the process.

We are are highly experienced in all aspects of franchising for both potential and well-established franchisors. Our focus is always your business, the individual’s ambitions and tailoring a plan of our solutions to your needs. Not only are we consultants but also business advisors, and can help you with both franchise owner recruitment and marketing your franchise.

What do we stand for?

We will always be open and honest about your business choices and give our true opinion on what we feel is best for the business. We will challenge you to your best advantage and will always be able to discuss issues or problems with confidence. We believe this openness between the owner and consultant is what builds trust and what makes this relationship integral to the success of the franchise.

We pride ourselves on being professional. Consultancy and the franchising industry is our business and we have a reputation to uphold; your success is our success.

We will always be focused on you and your business. We will always give the advice, energy and attention you need. Franchising can be very complex and that’s why we are here to guide you every step of the way.

What do you get?

Long-term commitment
We will not just be with you through the initial research and decision process but from day one of you working with us, we will become your partner and business advisor.

One-to-One Relationship
You will always have one point of contact in the FDS team. A one-to-one relationship is paramount, the advisor has to understand you, the way you work, your goals, the business plan and more importantly an overall better business relationship means better results.

Value for money
We are neither the cheapest or most expensive but we promise to give and sustain a high quality level of service.

Flexible & Practical delivery
We make sure we are flexible to your needs, logical in the process, accurate, efficient and always at the highest level of service.

Franchise Industry Experience
Like any good business, a business that has been around for a number of years is likely to be strong, ethical and known for providing excellent service. FDS has been offering its consultancy services in the franchise world for over 30 years, so we understand what it takes and have proven business methods.

"FDS will give you a professional and honest initial appraisal and ultimately, you will find their advice is worth every penny… " Gareth Lippiatt, Managing Director, Sports Xtra


CeX -Founded in 1992, now has over 20 years of experience, 171 successful stores throughout the UK, Ireland, Spain, USA and India. “We have had a continuous relationship, using The Franchise Magazine and FDS websites exclusively to attract franchise candidates with great success and now have over 82 franchised stores trading with more in the pipeline. We view FDS as long-term partners for advice on all aspects of franchising, we are currently consulting them for international growth, and can recommend them without hesitation.”
Hugh Man, Franchise Director

Sports Xtra - Established in 2002, their passion is providing opportunities for young people to enjoy being physically active. They are now the leading sports development and health promotion organisation in the UK. “I would recommend FDS without hesitation. Franchising a business can be very complex process and you will need expert advice to guide you through the process. FDS will give you a professional and honest initial appraisal and ultimately, you will find their advice is worth every penny.”
Gareth Lippiatt, Managing Director