FDS’s expertise and experience is worth every penny

Sports Xtra Managing Director Gareth Lippiatt describes how FDS provided essential assistance in building his management franchise

Being Managing Director of a business that has launched a franchise network within the last two years, I can empathise with those currently considering franchising as a means of expansion.

As a small business owner, if you believe your concept is scalable, franchising is a unique opportunity and a great business model to build a national brand.

You will find there are many important decisions to make throughout the journey but none more so than your first: choosing the right Franchise Consultant to work with.

If I am honest, there was a thought process that involved us putting the franchise together in-house, but looking back it was ridiculous to even think this could ever be successful! Franchising a business is a far more complex process than I had imagined and you will need expert advice to guide you through the process.

There are so many consultants out there claiming to be franchising ‘experts’ and offering a range of packages, but you must do your due diligence, as this is a significant financial investment. Therefore, it is imperative that you get objective, bespoke and qualified advice from a bfa affiliated consultant.

The outstanding candidates for me were Franchise Development Services (FDS) and I would recommend them without hesitation. FDS was not the most economical option but making such an important step is not a good time to start cutting corners and they will give you a professional and honest initial appraisal at no cost.

If they advise you that your concept could become a successful franchise and you choose to engage them, ultimately you will find their expertise and experience is worth every penny.

FDS Franchise Consultant Paul Hague has helped Sports Xtra build a fantastic management franchise and we are now starting to see the benefits of the hard work that we both put in. He identified the weaknesses in my business and gave practical advice to remedy them, he introduced us to some very helpful suppliers and gave me the confidence and motivation to stay focused on the necessary tasks.

Since the franchise launch, I have remained in close contact with Paul, who has continued to advise me and none of this ongoing advice has cost us a penny. Our network has already grown to 22 franchise owners and I now consider him to be an integral part of my ‘team’.

I cannot imagine how we could have achieved the success we have without having the benefit of Paul’s knowledge. Like every small business owner I’ve made countless regrettable mistakes along the way, but choosing to work with FDS was definitely one of my better ones!