Launch your Franchise with help from the professional Franchise Consultants at FDS Midlands

Considering Franchising?...If you have a successful business which you would like to expand you should certainly consider franchising. Franchising could enable you to create a highly motivated nationwide network more cost-effectively and more quickly than could be achieved in almost any other way.

To help you assess the viability of franchising your company, FDS Midlands will prepare a 50-page Initial Franchising Report giving recommendations on all the key issues. Alternatively, you may prefer to arrange a half-day 'Franchise Brain Storm' meeting with a senior consultant.

Working Together
If franchising is the correct way forward, FDS Midlands will continue working together with you in creating your franchising structure. For example, we will assist you with the key financial projections, the Franchise Prospectus, the Legal Agreement, a Disclosure Document and your Franchise Operations Manual.

Once your new franchise has been 'piloted' and is ready to launch, FDS can move on to help with your franchisee recruitment - either via the pages of The Franchise Magazine, the UK Franchise Directory website or by accessing the FDS Midlands franchisee database.

FDS Midlands has Affiliate Membership of the British Franchise Association and is fully accredited by several bodies for the delivery of franchising consultancy. We also enjoy Associate status with Entrepreneur Action, an organisation which can provide financial help with franchising to eligible High Growth companies based in Wales.

Staffordshire based FDS Midlands is owned and operated by Managing Director Ken Young, a seasoned franchising professional who has successfully worked on both sides of the franchise partnership. The company is part of worldwide Franchise Development Services which has provided advice and guidance to the franchise industry for the past 25 years.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of franchising your business or to arrange a meeting, simply contact Ken Young today.