Franchise your business

with help from the professionals at FDS Midlands


If you have a successful business that you would like to expand you should certainly consider franchising. Franchising could enable you to create a highly motivated nationwide network more cost-effectively and more quickly than could be achieved in almost any other way.


To help you assess the viability of franchising your company, FDS'Midlands will prepare a 50 page Initial Franchising Report giving recommendations on all the key issues. Alternatively, you may prefer to arrange a half day 'Franchise Brainstorm' meeting with a senior consultant.


If franchising is the correct way forward, FDS'Midlands will continue to work with you to create your franchising structure. For example, we will assist you with the key financial projections, the Franchise Prospectus, the Legal Agreement, an Offer Document and your franchise operations manual.


FDS Midlands can also help franchisors, both new and existing, with the recruitment of franchise owner for their network.

One method is by using well-proven FDS publications such as The Franchise Magazine to create high quality enquiries from prospective candidates. Another increasingly popular and cost-effective method of franchise owner recruitment is via the UK Franchise Directory website (, which is also owned and operated by FDS.

Finally, for franchisors who need a fully comprehensive service, FDS Midlands offers its FranMatch option whereby all candidates are carefully filtered and matched to the franchisor's profile before being presented for interview by the franchisor. This tailor-made service saves valuable time for the franchisor and usually results in a noticeably higher quality of franchisee network.

FDS'Midlands is owned and operated by Managing Director Ken Young (pictured), a seasoned franchising professional who has worked on both sides of the franchise partnership. The company is part of Franchise Development Services, which has provided advice and guidance to the franchise industry for the past 27 years. FDS Midlands delivers these services to clients throughout Central England and Wales

Some comments from companies that decided to do just that:


"We found that FDS Midlands had a practical, no-nonsense approach to franchising. All their advice was extremely helpful and every stage of the project was completed strictly on schedule. Without such professional guidance we would definitely have been struggling - instead we already have our very first franchise owner in place!"


"FDS Midlands were always happy to work at the pace we wanted. We first agreed the strategy plan and then rolled out the franchise infrastructure step by step. FDS provided particular help in those areas where we ourselves were weakest. Even after completion of the work, our consultant continues to take a real interest in the progress of our franchise business."


"We knew absolutely nothing about franchising, so it was reassuring to have step-by-step guidance from FDS Midlands throughout the whole process. Their consultant made sure that we understood everything and helped us to produce all the documents we needed. The Franchise Prospectus is something we are particularly proud of!"


"It was good to have FDS Midlands to guide us right through the whole franchising process. They were quick to understand our business and produced a carefully tailored package, which continues to serve us very well indeed."


"We chose FDS Midlands for help with bringing our franchise to market and have been delighted with the results. The specific tasks we required were all completed within a couple of months and their quality was outstanding. Most importantly, our consultant continued to make himself available for advice long after completion of the actual work'.


"It is now several years since we engaged FDS Midlands to assist in the creation of our franchise. They helped us every step of the way and we were much impressed by the thoroughness of their approach. Even today, our successful franchising operation continues to be based upon the solid foundation that FDS Midlands provided."


"We recently commissioned FDS Midlands to provide us with their Initial Franchising Report. Their consultant was very quick to grasp the rather unusual requirements of our business and presented an innovative plan for franchising it. The clear and concise FDS Report will undoubtedly help us secure further funding to continue this project."