Q&A with CleanMy

Ben Williams, Managing Director of CleanMy, talks to FDS Midlands and Wales' Ken Young about his business and his plans for the future.

Question: How would you describe the CleanMy business?

Answer: CleanMy supplies all kinds of vital materials and equipment to business customers but we can perhaps best be described as a supplier of cleaning and hygiene products. Our range of over 2,000 stock items includes cleaning chemicals, paper disposables, soap & handcare products, janitorial equipment, window cleaning materials and safety workwear.

Question: What is the background to CleanMy?
Answer: CleanMy can be traced back to my grandfather who was in the window cleaning business. Later we began supplying cleaning products to third parties. Then my father, as Managing Director, extended the range of products to include almost all the day-to-day requirements for modern businesses, everything from tableware to toilet rolls! He recognised that customers needed a single source of supply for all these vital items - and that's what we gave them!

Question: Who are your customers?
Answer: Our customers now include almost every possible type of business -factories, offices, shops, pubs, clubs, restaurants, schools and colleges to name just some. They differ tremendously in size - from one-man businesses to big national names.

Question: As Managing Director, what is your vision for the future of CleanMy?
Answer: I want to build further on what has already been achieved, firstly by stronger branding - for example you have seen the new CleanMy logo which now appears on many of our products and on all our vehicles - and secondly by giving CleanMy a truly nationwide coverage.

Question: How do you plan to achieve that nationwide coverage?
Answer: My plan has always been to expand CleanMy by franchising and I have never deviated from that plan. We are very much a family company and I know that by using the franchise model we will attract the most highly motivated people to work alongside us. I also believe that via franchising we can maintain that unique "family feel" which is so important to both CleanMy and its customers.

Question: What can franchise owners expect from CleanMy?
Answer: On joining, our franchise owners will be provided with a mobile sales unit, plus all the materials and equipment needed to launch their business. They will be given real in-depth training at our Hereford head office and will also learn by working alongside our own employees in the existing company-run operation. Our Franchise Owners operate in sizeable and unique territories, providing ample scope to quickly build up a solid and profitable customer base.

Question: What sort of people do you think are best suited to CleanMy?
Answer: Our Franchise Owners can come from any background and certainly do not need to have specific experience with a supplies or distribution company, although such experience may obviously help in the early days. Above all, we are looking for applicants with good sales ability and who relate well to other people at all levels. As this opportunity is all about building your own business, our Franchise Owners also need to be strongly self-motivated and focussed, well organised and highly disciplined in their approach.