A Well Polished solution to your franchising needs

Franchise Consultant Tony Urwin used his 30 years of experience to help launch a highly successful domestic cleaning business opportunity.

There’s money in the domestic cleaning industry, though like many other endeavours, it’s seriously competitive and any new players may find it tough against the established old guard. So if you are considering entering the fray, it’s best to come in fully prepared.

It is possible to enter with the advantage of a strong, established brand, a proven system and the invaluable experience, supplies and connections of someone who has already done it, while still being your own boss.

For example, consider investing into a franchise opportunity within the domestic cleaning industry. There are a number around; their services offered varying from basic essentials to bespoke specialist item cleaning.

Well Polished comprehensively cover everything from traditional domestic cleaning services to a laundry and ironing service. Originating in the Wirral, Well Polished was the brainchild of Sandra Venables in 2004, who started her business career in the optical industry. Regularly exceeding her sales targets, Sandra decided to go it alone as a part-time endeavour. With demand forcing both full-time attention and extra staff, within three years Well Polished was supplying around 20,000 cleaning hours for clients within the Wirral area alone.

At this growth rate, it was not long before Sandra was able to look at national expansion through franchising. It was from here that Tony Urwin at FDS North was able to offer three decades’ worth of expertise to set them further along the successful path they are on today.

From the initial meeting, FDS North worked alongside Well Polished, creating for the company a complete business format franchise, fully documented and showcasing an attractive package to prospective franchise owners looking to get into the industry. But the partnership did not end there. Tony has also paired up prospective franchise owners to Well Polished, by way of the FranMatch system – which flags suitable businesses corresponding to details of potential investors.

A Well Polished franchise owner steps in, able to expect the following:

  • A comprehensive in-house training programme on running a Well Polished franchise
  • Knowledge of the company’s proven methods, including accurate assessment of customer cleaning needs and effective marketing
  • Bespoke management software training
  • A Franchise Manager on hand to provide continuing support and guidance
  • A launch programme tailored for your area
  • 20,000 promotional leaflets
  • An exclusive territory in which to operate

A Well Polished franchise owner will be managing a cleaning team, and representing the professional face of the company, regularly looking after customers and constantly on the lookout for new business. The reward for this is always being paid monthly in advance from clients, which saves waiting on invoices.

The opportunity also exists to apply for a Master Licence to develop an overseas Well Polished franchise network.

This franchise is ideal for enthusiastic and self-motivated types who are not afraid of hard work, love customer service and get on well with people.

Whether looking to get into domestic cleaning with Well Polished, find another perfect union within franchising, or you have a business you wish to expand, take the next step by getting in touch with Tony and the team at FDS North.