The complete franchising service

FDS South East is a consultancy dedicated to serving the needs of the franchise community across Surrey, Sussex and Kent. The objective of Regional Director Malcolm Porter and his team is to provide help on everything from an initial evaluation of your business through to helping you recruit top quality franchise owners.
Malcolm Porter - Regional Director, FDS South East

Here's what some of our customers have to say about us:

"We have found the FDS media - The UK Franchise Directory & The Franchise Magazine - to be one of our best and most cost effective ways of generating good quality leads and are now looking at different ways that we can work with FDS to generate even more quality leads. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Malcolm and his team at FDS South East - the service delivered by them has been outstanding."
Alex king, Managing Director, The Local Bookkeeper

"The service provided by Malcolm Porter of FDS is of a very good standard. They have got extensive knowledge of franchising and related this well to my company. Also, I personally feel that I have gained lot of experience and knowledge through working with FDS. I am very happy with their service and would recommend them to any company looking at franchising their business. The Franchise Magazine has given So Asia a very effective way of launching the franchise opportunity and has also generated some very good leads."

Ashok Shrestha, Managing Director, So Asia

"I have worked with FDS over many years on a number of projects. Their knowledge of the franchise sector and what it takes to recruit franchise owners is excellent, as are their media both published and online. I have constantly recruited high quality franchise owners through working with FDS." Simon Dalziel, Franchise Director, Bluebird Care

How can FDS South East help you

Potential Franchisor: For companies looking at franchising as a method of expanding their business effectively and profitably, FDS South East provides an intelligent evaluation of your potential for franchising and works with you to implement a carefully structured franchise development programme.

Existing Franchisor: We can provide assistance in several different areas including Franchise Healthchecks, Media Promotion, Franchise Owner Recruitment support and International Expansion.

If you're based in the South East of England and looking to franchise your business, contact FDS South East to find out how we can help you to achieve success.