How FDS can help you franchise your business


The first step is for FDS to carry out an evaluation of the business. Up to 21 aspects are evaluated in relation to the envisaged franchise. Having identified the best way to proceed, FDS outlines the work programme and budget requirements. This thorough evaluation process will allow the principals to reach a highly informed decision and identify the most practical and profitable route to follow.


Working to put in place the necessary infrastructure requirements, including developing corporate and brand images, securing intellectual property rights, briefing franchise lawyers, writing Operations Manuals, arranging training programmes, defining administrative systems, making financial projections, designing franchise business brochures and attending to other areas critical to success before starting the recruitment of the franchise network.


In guiding new franchisors through the entire strategy for franchising their business, FDS works to improve operational systems, increase franchise owner motivation and develop their network to full potential. Providing creative brand development and marketing services to help achieve maximum visibility in the chosen marketplace, and design imaginative promotional programmes to ensure the most effective return on advertising and promotional investment.


Central to any franchise development programme is the recruitment of suitable franchise owners. With long experience in dealing with both franchise owners and franchisors across a wide spectrum, FDS is well-equipped to help franchisors identify the most cost-effective strategy, plus resources and expertise to help franchisors recruit professional management from within the industry to build skilled HQ support teams.


As the only franchise consultancy with its own leading franchise publications, FDS can harness the full power of its editorial resources to educate and motivate prospective franchise owners.


The skill and expertise offered is second to none when it comes to assisting businesses to grow and prosper through franchising. A professional approach, coupled with a complete range of superior quality services, have resulted in the successful creation of many new franchise operations, the significant global expansion of established networks and the introduction of numerous franchise owners to profitable and rewarding opportunities.


1. INTERNATIONAL - helping successful national franchisors expand worldwide.
2. ESTABLISHED FRANCHISORS - developing strategies and infrastructure.
3. PROSPECTIVE FRANCHISORS - Conception, development, implementation and franchise owner recruitment.
4. PUBLICATIONS - production and distribution of franchise magazines, directories and their respective websites.
5. SERVICES TO FRANCHISE OWNERS - assisting investors in evaluating and acquiring Master, Regional or Single Unit Franchise Rights.
6. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES, EXHIBITIONS AND SEMINARS - creating, organising and supporting events worldwide.
7. ADVERTISING, DESIGN AND PUBLIC RELATIONS - creating franchise brochures and advertisements that produce the desired results.


Granite Transformations – “Malcolm Porter helped us with the strategic implementation of our second tier franchise offering, which opened an array of new recruitment opportunities for Granite Transformations. Malcolm offers no-nonsense solutions, which get results and we found him a pleasure to work with.”
Danny Hanlon, Chief Operating Officer

Bluebird Care – “I have worked with FDS over many years on a number of projects. Its staff’s knowledge of the franchise sector and what it takes to recruit franchise owners is excellent, as is its media, both published and online. I have constantly recruited high quality franchise owners through working with FDS.”
Simon Dalziel, Franchise Director