FDS Southern Q&A

FDS Southern Franchise Consultant, Gary Rigby speaks with Dan van Kuyk, founder of cleaning management franchise: Betterclean Services

Q. Why did you decide to set up Betterclean Services as a franchise operation?
A. I purposely designed the Betterclean franchise opportunity to allow franchise owners to be a ‘Business Owner’ and not a ‘Salesperson’ or ‘Manager’. There are a lot of franchise opportunities in the market place that will find the work for you, but then all you are doing is managing the business, not owning it and growing it yourself. This is one of the key things that franchise owners love about the franchise model, as there are not many that allow you to do everything in the business.

Q. When was Betterclean formed and what is your background?
A. I bought Betterclean Services in 2005 with a turnover of £140,000 and 20 employees. In the intervening six years, I introduced the successful business system and increased the turnover five-fold to over £1 million with 140 staff. On top of this, the operating profits have shown a higher percentage increase, further substantiating Betterclean Services formula for success. In 2012, eight franchise owners invested in starting their own Betterclean Services businesses.

Q. Describe your target market and the potential for your business across the UK?
A. Based around residual income, this is not a sales-focused opportunity, although customer relationships are very important. Your Betterclean Services business will provide first class commercial cleaning to a wide range of properties including; offices, schools, libraries and surgeries. We have numerous contracts with national brands across the UK helping you win new business along the way. Each territory is capable of generating £1 million plus per annum, with one of the highest net profit margins in the sector.

Q. As a prospective franchise owner, do I need to have experience in the commercial cleaning sector?
A. The most successful franchise owners have a senior management background and a desire to ‘work on’ building their own business. Franchise owners do not ‘work in’ their business, employing a supervisor to manage their cleaners, audit the work and keep on top of stock and cleaning equipment from day one.

Q. What are the most important characteristics you look for in a potential franchise owner?
A. This is a management business opportunity. As the owner, your role will focus on customer relationships and growing your business, NOT cleaning or supervising.

To be successful you need to have the following skills:

  • A senior management background
  • Excellent English language skills
  • Strong commercial awareness
  • Be a very good communicator
  • The drive to follow our proven system
  • The ability to raise at least £45,000 + vat

Q. Has the current economic uncertainty affected your business?
A. Based on the recession-resistant service of commercial cleaning, Betterclean Services is thriving in this time of economic uncertainty. With an incredible customer retention rate of 96 per cent this management business has been developed for the franchise owner to scale in their local area.

Q. To what degree do I need to be aware of the competition in my area?
A. The scientifically calculated territories mirror the successful template in Torquay ensuring each franchise owner has more than enough target customers to achieve their growth objectives. It is unlikely that you will enter into much competition up to £1 million turnover, as the potential market is so vast. Growing the business further within your territory will mean you will most likely need to actively start taking business from competitors.