Expand your business through franchising

If you are based in the South of England and are considering expanding your business through franchising, contact Gordon Patterson or Gary Rigby at FDS'(Southern) for an exploratory discussion.

"Sometime after launching our London House franchise, we commissioned FDS (Southern) to provide consultancy services. It was an extremely beneficial exercise to our company. Our only regret was that we did not do it sooner."

Godfrey Lancashire
Founder and Managing Director of London House

"For over 12 years we have received consultancy services from FDS'(Southern). The advice given has been of vital importance to the successful growth and development of our previous franchise business and our current successful Caremark franchise development programme."

Kevin Lewis
Founder & Managing Director of Caremark

FDS'(Southern) has provided consultancy services to many companies in the expansion of their business through franchising. Examples of these brands include:

LMI, zumo, the streat, cargo call, cuticles, Daily Poppins, The Frying Squad, Drain Doctor Plumbing, BigFish, Ladies Workout Express, Morris, London House, Northwood Franchise, Safeclean, Snack-in-the-Box, Cleaning Doctors, Eddie Rocket's, Cannelle, Platinum Property Partners, Shrimpy, Wiltshire Farm Foods, Cookerburra, Dream Doors, Caremark, ayton global research, stenders

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