Making Cargocall a Global Brand

'From a Jiffy bag to Japan, to a JCB to Jamaica', Cargocall is offering a global service to a huge 'B2B' marketplace. FDS'Southern interviews Managing Director Gary Clere

Gordon Patterson: Describe the Cargocall service. Gary Clere: Cargocall provides international transport solutions to businesses. For companies who import or export products, Cargocall arranges transport from 'A' to 'B' and manages the process from beginning to end. We do this by using a wide and trusted supplier base of shipping lines, airlines and haulage companies so we don't have to invest in expensive infrastructure.

GP: How long has Cargocall been trading?
GC: Nearly 11 years. Cargocall was established on the 2nd May 1997 - the very day Mr Blair took office...but please don't read into that as anything more than coincidence!

Gary Rigby: What do you see as being the outstanding distinctiveness of the Cargocall concept?
GC: Cargocall genuinely offers every transport solution under one roof - a one-stop option for everything from a jiffy bag to Japan to a JCB to Jamaica. The service is very personal and great for busy people who need to move their goods quickly and efficiently.

GP: Do you currently operate throughout the international marketplace?
GC: Yes, we have contacts all over the world that assist us with transporting our customers' goods. We even have some customers who are overseas.

GR: What is the most unusual item you have transported?
GC: There have been a few, but one memorable shipment was a complete log flume theme park ride dismantled piece by piece in Italy and transported to a well-known park in the UK. Cargocall also arranged the transport of the marine survey devices (ROVs), which were used to assist in the salvage of the Kursk submarine.

GP: What represents a typical Cargocall customer?
GC: Our customers come in all shapes and sizes but in general terms a typical customer would be a manufacturer who imports raw materials and also exports finished products. This type of customer allows Cargocall to manage a significant element of their supply chain while looking after deliveries to overseas customers too.

GR: What was the reason for adopting the franchise system?
GC: Franchising suits our business perfectly because a network of offices in the UK, and eventually overseas, provide support and business opportunities between franchisees. Some franchises cannot offer that network benefit but Cargocall can and the business becomes all the more dynamic as the network grows.

GP: What kind of franchise package does Cargocall offer?
GC: The Cargocall franchise package includes comprehensive training, a launch programme, promotional items and stationery, our web-based operating system, website page, our operations manual and licensing rights. In addition Cargocall provides ongoing telephone support combined with regular visits and business reviews. We are keen to make our franchise network a partnership where help is always at hand.

GP: Are you looking for franchisees throughout the UK?
GC: Yes, we aim to cover the length and breadth of the country with the Cargocall brand and eventually move the business model into overseas territories.

GR: What kind of earning opportunities does the franchise offer?
GC: For someone willing to work hard who has the necessary sales and administrative skills then earning potential is very significant. We would expect most franchisees to be achieving an operating profit of over £100,000 in their third year and much more for super performers.

GR: What kind of person are you looking to appoint as a franchisee?
GC: We are looking for professionally-minded people with good sales and administrative skills. Ideally people who are familiar with the business world and can form long term relationships with customers built on trust and integrity.

GP: Where are you looking to be in five years time?
GC: In five years we hope to have a full network of franchisees across the UK and also see the beginnings of our development in overseas franchise territories. Our aim is to make Cargocall a global brand in Freight Forwarding Franchises.

Text: Gordon Patterson and Gary Rigby

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