FDS Southern Q&A - Logistically speaking

The most knowledgeable person about any company should always be the person at the apex of operations – which in the case of franchising, is the franchisor. Here FDS Southern’s Gary Rigby interviews Gary Clere of Cargocall about the recruitment process from the other side of the looking glass.

Gary Rigby:Do I need a background in logistics?

Gary Clere: No – Here at Cargocall we provide all the training and on-going support to ensure you understand the most important technical elements within the industry. Of course learning “on the job” also plays a part and that’s where our support package really benefits a franchisee. We are here 24/7 to support, advise and mentor every franchisee. We are here to assist on a job-by-job basis with any issues that may arise.

Gary Rigby:What sort of clients do you provide the service to?

Gary Clere: We are a B2B franchise so our clients are companies that need international transport services i.e. companies that import and export. Most companies nowadays either buy from overseas suppliers and/or sell to overseas customers, even the smallest businesses do. Cargocall customers are large and small and range from retailers to manufacturers. They all have one thing in common; they need excellent service in the delivery of their goods, and we provide it.

Gary Rigby:Do I need to operate from an office or is this a home-based business?

Gary Clere: A Cargocall Franchise can be started from a home-office as long as it is large enough and has a good broadband connection. A home-office environment needs to be conducive to work with few distractions and no background “family noise” We envisage franchisees eventually being in a professional serviced office after 18 months or so.

Gary Rigby:What is your profile for a Cargocall Franchisee?

Gary Clere: We are seeking people who preferably have some business background either having worked for a company at management level or having been in business previously themselves. Sales and marketing experience is a big advantage too because growing your franchise does depend on winning new business from your local business community. Our franchisees need to be numerate, well-organised professionally minded people with an eye for detail.

Gary Rigby:What is the duration of the legal contract?

Gary Clere: The Cargocall Legal Agreement runs for five years and offers the franchisee exclusive rights over a geographical territory. This contract is extensive and covers all eventualities including such things as incapacity, and franchise sales. It is designed to offer protection and clarity to both parties.

Gary Rigby:Is there a renewal fee payable at the beginning of a new contractual term?

Gary Clere: No, we do not believe in making franchisees pay to renew their contract. At the end of a franchisee’s term we simply prepare a new legal agreement for another five year period. You also have the option to sell your franchise.