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What makes a successful franchise business? We think its four things:

  1. A robust, proven and growing market for your or service
  2. A quality product range that best meets the needs of that market
  3. A franchise structure designed to drive strong reward – personal and financial
  4. A franchise model and culture that supports sharing, collective gain and support across a quality network

Fifo Capital delivers all four Fifo Capital is a fast-growing, global business-finance brand expanding in the UK market. We provide short-term, high-return working capital solutions for secure small and medium businesses.

Offering arguably the broadest and most innovative product range, Fifo Capital has achieved an average of 64 per cent annual growth over the past three years. A proven track record realised by being both nimble in what we do and robust in how we do it.

Why take a closer look at Fifo Capital?

You’re in the driver’s seat: You’re a decision-maker and want to be in control of your professional life. We get that. With Fifo Capital you make decisions for your own business; no waiting for head-office to decide for you.

Unmatched product suite: We don’t squeeze clients into on product. We offer a suite of three innovative products to meet specific needs, promote growth and drive opportunity.

Collective lending: You’re part of a network of smart business owners where, if you choose, the risk and rewards of a deal can be shared amongst colleagues, not with a corporate head office.

Unparalleled business training:We set up to thrive. Intensive, initial three-month training followed by ongoing support including monthly webinars, one-on-one mentoring and hundreds of exclusive online business development tools.

Authentic collaboration:You succeed, we all succeed. The Fifo Capital culture has played a huge role in our success: We’re a close network of business enthusiasts who thrive together.

Want to take a closer look at Fifo Capital? We welcome the opportunity to find out what you want to achieve and what you can bring to our quality network.

Unmatched product suite

As a Fifo Capital Franchisee, you’ll enjoy playing a role in a driving small and medium business success with three smart, flexible business-finance products:

Fifo Factor. When payroll, operating costs, or capital for business investment cant wait. A flexible source of working capital that is linked to the clients receivables.

Fifo i-pay. A win-win for clients and their customers. Immediate cash payment on invoice for the client and extended payment terms for their customers.

Fifo Loan A top-up for business needs. Simple, short-term lending additional to existing facilities, without upsetting the bank manager. Straight-forward, flexible.

Shared lending opportunities

Share the risk and the reward. Not every deal can be serviced by one Franchisee. Sometimes it needs to be supported by more than one funder. But why lose the opportunity or give half of it to head office?
At Fifo Capital, the franchisee network can choose to collectively fund a deal and share the risk and reward, proportionate to their investment. Our franchisees are in the driver’s seat. Not head office.